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Morning Sickness Remedies

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By Kurtis Rose

Many women suffer needlessly during pregnancy. Sick feelings that come and go can be a minor inconvenience. They may also be a major problem. If you can just get through that terrible nausea and vomiting, your life will be so much better. Here are some morning sickness remedies to look at.


Some women are helped by eating saltine crackers. You may wish to eat a few crackers before you get up in the morning. You may also try them as soon as you get up. Dry toast may work. You may have to force yourself to eat anything. If it works, it will be worth the effort.


Ginger is a proven treatment for many types of nausea. Drinking ginger tea may be an effective method. It is best to discuss this with your doctor first, to be safe. Everything that you take in, can affect the baby. Ginger is also available in capsules. You can eat it from the spice container. However, you may get a burning from it, that is uncomfortable. One good way to get ginger is by drinking ginger ale. This is probably one of the safest methods, also.


Cinnamon may work to get rid of that terrible nausea. You can chew cinnamon flavored gum. Make a piece of toast. Drizzle some honey on it. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the toast. This should be safe to take. You might try cinnamon suckers. Some women find that placing a cinnamon stick in their mouth, helps.


This is a completely safe method for nausea. You are not drinking or eating anything. Acupressure works on the principles of acupuncture. However, there are no needles. There are meridians that run through the entire body. This is a communication network for all parts of the body. Sometimes these pathways can become blocked. There are many pressure points on the body. Knowing the right place can remove these blockages and restore communication. This can help a variety of ailments. Nausea is one of them.


Peppermint can help some women with nausea. Make a cup of pepper mint tea and slowly sip it. You may also place peppermint oil in a cup of hot water. Gently sniff the pleasant aroma that comes from it.


Pregnancy can be a wonderful time. It can also be full of nausea and vomiting. You may find yourself desperately seeking morning sickness remedies. Try eating dry crackers or toast. Ginger or cinnamon may help. Peppermint may be a good choice. Acupressure may help you find relief.

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  • Serrenity says:

    Lemon drops or anything with lemon helps really well. The citric acid is great for morning sickness.

  • Betsy says:

    I recently learned the hard way (after reading about it long ago) that DRINKING FLUIDS, water specifically, can be an EXCELLENT method to help cure morning sickness. It may be hard at first, cause, well… you’re nauseous, but the more hydrated you are… the easier it is and the less crappy you feel (all around!). Yes, you pee exponentially more, but I’d rather SIT on the toilet than bow to it.

  • Darlene says:

    So I am currently pregnant and have been nauseous for the last 3 months (yep I’m in 2nd trimester and it hasn’t faded)

    I have an additional tip that has been a craving, but has helped the nausea subside as well as helped keep me hydrated. VIRGIN MOJITOS! I take 1/3 of a lime, squeeze the juice in a cup, 3 tbsp sugar, 5 fresh mint leaves washed & torn. Put all of that in a cup and mush it with a spoon really well. Pour half a can of sparkling lime water over the mush, stirring till the sugar disolves. Then pour in the other half a can. VOILA! I’m doing three a day. The lime and mint together does wonders. You could also use sprite or 7up instead of sugar & sparkling water. extra tip: wrap your fresh mint in a damp paper towel, put it back in the produce bag and in the fridge, it will stay crisp longer.

    Luckily my doctor gave me a prescription for generic Zofran. It is a class B drug, so it has not been clinically proven safe for pregnant women, but animals have shown no side effects in babies. My sister also took it or I would have been more skeptical. It is extremely expensive without insurance ($121 generic for 30 pills, roughly 3 weeks for me)thank God my insurance covers it all or I’d still be hungry and nauseous and unable to open the fridge.
    Good luck in the morning sickness battle! It will all be over by your due date :)and hopefully 2nd tri.

  • katie says:

    Most people find morning sickness passes soon after the first trimester. I am 5 months pregnant right now and had terrible morning sickness until about 2 weeks ago. HAVE A BANANA BEFORE BED. I don’t know how or why it works, but it WORKS. I think it has to do with the potassium?

  • Informative post!

    There are wide range of natural and medical prescribe remedies for morning sickness. Just remember that you need to get treatments that are safe and won’t pose potential risk to you and the baby you’re waiting.

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