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Wear Burgundy Skinnies & Tights (& Why I Finally Added My Full Body Shot to This Post) – Petite Curvy Mom Style

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Wear Burgundy Skinnies - Petite Curvy Mom Style by The DIY MommyWear Burgundy Skinnies for Fall - Petite Curvy Mom Style by The DIY Mommy

I’m totally digging the fact that the colour burgundy seems to be trending again this fall. I really think it’s pretty! I’ve always been a huge fan of the colour red, and burgundy is such a gorgeous, muted variation of red that’s perfect for fall.

The above outfit featuring burgundy skinny pants is a simple and casual style that works well for mom-errands. The skinny pants are nice and stretchy (perfect with boots), and I’m wearing a flowing and forgiving blouse, cinched in the waist with a belt to highlight my waist. The fun leopard print scarf is an easy DIY, and I really enjoy how the black and white heart print of the blouse contrasts with the tan and chocolate print of the scarf.

Scarf: DIY $5
Chiffon Blouse: Old Navy $29
Belt: In my closet $10
Skinny Pants:  Joe Fresh $29

Wear Burgundy Tights for Fall - Petite Curvy Mom Style by The DIY MommyWear Burgundy Tights for Fall - Petite Curvy Mom Style by The DIY Mommy

Another way I’m enjoying wearing a bit of burgundy is with these lovely tights. They work nicely to fall and winterize my summer skirts and dresses. Here, I’ve worn them with a lacy skirt (I’m a huge sucker for anything cream coloured and lacey, and this skirt is made from an ultra-comfy knit jersey which is so easy to wear) and boots.

Knit Jersey Blouse: Old Navy $19
Lace Skirt: ShopRuche.com $39 (This one’s not available any more, but here’s a similar one: Renewed Nostalgia Tiered Lace Skirt)
Tights:  Joe Fresh $6
Boots: Leatherette strappy boot from GoJane.com $27.50

Below is a full-body shot of the outfit above. I almost wrote this post entirely with the pictures showing only bits and pieces of me. These last few weeks have honestly been some of the toughest ones of my mom career due to extreme exhaustion from a sleepless baby, a really busy fall so far that’s including a new DIY house build for our family (is it just me, or is fall about one million times busier than summer anyhow?!) and some shenanigans with a rear-ender car accident. I’m thankful for a God I can trust, loving family and friends and strong coffee, but my face and body haven’t been loving me – I feel like I have bags under my eyes that reach to the floor, stringy hair and a perma-mad expression. I’ve been wearing my glasses most days because my eyes are so tired that they sting when I put my contacts in.

While my youngest was having her afternoon nap, I shot the below picture as my 3 year old girl looked on. I looked at the final photos with disdain, shaking my head at all of my imperfections.

“This looks like a tired, fat mother”.

My little angel-girl, with her eyes sparkling (she loves taking pictures and seeing pictures): “Can I look, mama?”

“OK”. I’m smiling, but I’m feeling defeated.

My baby peers into the camera and looks at the preview. I hear an audible gasp as she says:

“Wow! That is wonderful. You are beautiful, Mama!”

And that’s why I post the photo below.

Wear Burgundy Tights for Fall - Petite Curvy Mom Style by The DIY Mommy

Despite the imperfections I see in myself, despite my less-than-perfect few weeks, and despite my lack of sleep I have two little girls that think I’m beautiful. I have family and friends that think so. I have a heavenly Father that thinks so. I have a job to do that requires so much more than physical “perfection” – being a mother is a beautiful thing.

I’m reminded of this eloquent post I read a short while ago that reminds us mothers to “stay in the picture” despite how we see our physical selves. How true (though it’s a tough mental and emotional block to battle)!

How do you feel when you see a photo of your mommy self?

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  • steph says:

    Currently i am loving my mommy self – with a 15 month old boy i was about 5 pounds away from my pre baby bod and was stoked about that – however am now 10 weeks pregnant again! And we are shocked but super thankful for the blessing – so i know i have to go through the weight gain and loss over again but its one of the small things when you realize what your body does to produce this little baby – nothing short of a miracle.

  • Leah says:


    Not going to lie. You’ve brought tears to my eyes. That takes a lot! Well maybe less as of late;)

    You are beautiful. You are caring. You are considerate. You are talented. You are pretty flipping hilarious too!
    You are a wonderful mother. An amazing friend. A dedicated wife. An incredible sister and daughter.
    You have beautiful children. You write beautiful words. You are determined. You are a pioneer.
    You are inspiring!

    I’m so happy that you came to say hello those years ago at my first booth at the swap meet. It’s been life changing.
    I’m proud to call you my friend.

    Thank you for being awesome and keeping it real.

  • Natasha C. says:

    I like you. A lot. And you’r daughter is not wrong, you ARE beautiful. If only we would see ourselves more through their small, unjaded, loving eyes.

  • Brandy Jede says:


    That post was beautiful and just what I needed. You are beautiful, you are SO talented, you are an amazing mother and wife, and you are SO inspiring! And thank God for those little souls that are so innocent and loving and see nothing else but beauty in everything around them.

    I as well have been struggling lately. With a full time job, two kids who need me more than ever, a hard working Husband, and a business that could go crazy if I only had the time to devote to it. I don’t know how we as Moms’ make it work, but we always do. It all always falls together. We might hit a few bumps, have a few bad days, but there is one thing true – we can always make things work out. Just look at you – building a freakin’ DIY house :)

    YOU ARE AMAZING <3 And truthfully, I've always LOVED all of your posts of your outfits … not just because of your style, but also because, as a curvy Mama, I love seeing others embrace their bodies as well!


  • Leah: Wow, thank you so much for those kind words! There’s so much encouragement in that one comment, that I think I’m about to burst. :) You’ve been a great friend and I’m also glad we met those few years ago!

    Natasha: Aw, thanks a bunch! So true, eh? Kids have the best way of putting things in perspective with their innocent and simple approach to life.

    Brandy: I’m glad that the post spoke to you. It is SO hard to juggle all of these things and life with young kids is pretty darn stressful (nevermind if you’re trying to launch a business and single parent a lot)! Thanks for your encouragement; it means a lot.

  • April says:

    Oh my friend, to think that you are anything less than beautiful is crazy talk. Unfortunately, I know where you’re coming from and know exactly how you feel. What I do know though is this…I am exactly who I’m supposed to be, in the exact right space at this very moment. I’m not always happy with what I see or feel but rejoice in the knowledge that my life has purpose. I am going to be the best darned mama that I can be, fat or skinny, awake or asleep, happy or sad. You and I are the same so trust me when I tell you, we are more than enough. ~ Love.

  • Cherise says:

    This the other day as well.My daughter had her kindergarten school pictures done and brought home the proofs asking if we wanted retakes. I found myself analyzing her picture, looking at her hair and smile wondering if I should get her to get them redone. Then I thought to myself, “This is my beautiful little girl! Why am I going to teach her from such a young age to be critical of herself every time she looks at a picture of herself! “So I told her it was a beautiful picture of my beautiful girl, and I’m going to work harder to be in more pictures with my kids and not be so critical of myself either. I wish I would have learned this years ago though.

  • April: Thank you, thank you. You always have things to say that really resonate with me. Don’t ever stop saying them! :)

    Cherise: How true! It’s definitely something we have to be conscious of, especially with young daughters. Thanks for the reminder!
    Christina Dennis recently posted..Wear Burgundy Skinnies & Tights (& Why I Finally Added My Full Body Shot to This Post) – Petite Curvy Mom StyleMy Profile

  • Janie says:

    Awwww…. Kids rock. And, Christina, you do look beautiful! Being a mama can be pretty hardcore at times. I’m feeling the effects as of late. God help me, as the season of the sickies sets in!! Nothing is more exhausting then having sick babies!
    Janie recently posted..Edmonton Trail SystemMy Profile

  • Thanks, Janie! Yup – kids definitely are awesome. Ugh, so true! Sickie season is THE WORST.
    Christina Dennis recently posted..Wear Burgundy Skinnies & Tights (& Why I Finally Added My Full Body Shot to This Post) – Petite Curvy Mom StyleMy Profile

  • Julie says:

    Oh man, i can relate! Baby finally gave in to letting me sleep at 7am this morning, thanks to my wonderful husband! My hair is a mess and i would love to fit into ANY of my pre-pregnancy pants (it’s getting cold out!). For now, i find comfort in coffee and solace in posts like this one.

    And you look fabulous so keep rocking it!
    Julie recently posted..Week 4: I Hardly Finish AnythingMy Profile

  • Hooray for a good sleep, Julie! I’m hoping to one day fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes as well… One day! 😉 Thanks so much for your comment.
    Christina Dennis recently posted..Commit to A Handmade Christmas This YearMy Profile

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