10 Easy Crafts To Try This Winter (Most Under $10)

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Keep yourself occupied this winter break with these 10 easy and cheap crafts that you can make at home. Most of them cost less than $10. Have fun and stay warm!

How to make a chunky arm knit cowl in 10 minutes - great DIY gift idea!
A DIY arm knit cowl makes a fun & cozy winter craft!


I want to get off my phone and pick up a craft over the winter break. What are some easy, inexpensive crafts to try?




10 easy & inexpensive craft ideas for winter

I decided to answer my own question for today’s new podcast – the last podcast until 2022! Over my break, I want to make an effort to put down my phone and connect with my family. I also want to do some easy, cozy craft projects for the sake of simply… crafting. Here are some of my favourite easy crafts that are inexpensive and cozy for winter. You can update your decor with some handmade accessories while providing a calming hobby for yourself during your winter break!

Arm knitting a scarf or blanket

How to make an arm knit blanket with a fringe

Have you ever tried arm knitting? It’s so much fun! Plus, it actually FORCES you to put down your phone and enjoy the moment. Your hands are literally tied while you do it (but it’s awesome)! Essentially, you use your arms as giant knitting needles to create a chunky scarf or blanket. It’s the ultimate, cozy winter handicraft to try!

To keep this craft under $10, look for chunky yarn on sale and start by making a DIY arm knit cowl. It only uses 1-2 skeins of yarn and is a great beginner project. Once you’re confident with the craft, try something larger like an oversized knit blanket. An arm knit blanket or scarf is a beautiful addition to your winter home decor, or they can make a lovely gift for a friend.

Sewing pillow covers

How to make a gorgeous velvet pillow with an exposed metallic zipper - full sewing tutorial

Sewing can be a therapeutic and satisfying craft, and making pillow covers is also a good beginner’s project. They require simple cutting and straight seams, so you don’t have to be perfectly skilled with a sewing machine to make these. Click here to get my instructions on how to make beautiful DIY velvet pillow covers.

For winter, try a comfy fabric like velvet to make your DIY pillows. Other cozy fabrics to try are faux fur, boucle and flannel.

Painting accessories with DIY plaster paint

Textured Vase with DIY Plaster Paint

If you have an old vase or jar lying around, try transforming it with some DIY plaster paint! This easy-to-make paint creates a beautiful textured effect and it’s really fun to experiment with. You can use a latex paint you already have on hand to make this budget-friendly. Get my DIY plaster paint recipe & tutorial right here!

Creating accessories with polymer clay

Learn how to make these simple DIY polymer clay marbled heart ornaments for Valentine's Day decor.

Have you ever tried crafting with oven bake clay? It’s SO fun and it’s one of my favourite simple crafts. My daughters LOVE working with polymer clay too, so this could be a fun family activity. Start with a small project like these DIY polymer clay heart ornaments, and then venture into larger accessories like candle sticks, trinket trays, and artistic bowls. You can play with fun effects like marbling or stamping!

Polymer clay comes in a rainbow of colours, or you can use simple white clay and paint it after it’s baked.

Knitting accessories

Free Knitting Pattern! This chunky knit hat and mittens is quick to make and would be a beautiful Christmas gift

Knitting may sound daunting, but after you try it a few times I promise you – it’s SO fun and relaxing. I’ve been knitting since I was a teen, and it’s very therapeutic for me. During the winter months, knitting feels so cozy and calming! The best way to learn is to have a friend or family member show you, but next best is to watch YouTube tutorials. Once you’re ready, my free chunky knit hat pattern is a great project to try!

For this hat, I use a thick yarn to make this project easy and quick. You can add a faux fur pom-pom on top, or try making a DIY pom-pom using the same method I used for this wreath.


Make an embroidered Fall pillow from Dollar Tree plaid towels

Embroidery is another satisfying and calming craft. You don’t have to begin with anything tricky – try embroidering letters like I did on this simple DIY pillow. I recommend buying an embroidery kit from Etsy with floss and supplies ready to go, and watching embroidery tutorials on YouTube to learn different stitching methods and tips.


How to make a macrame collar for a Dollar Tree vase for Spring decor

If you want to try fiber arts, but you’re intimidated by knitting or embroidery, macrame might be for you! It’s essentially a series of knots with cotton string to create intricate looking patterns… but it’s not hard. You could start with a mini macrame project like this DIY macrame vase collar, and then move on to things like a macrame plant hanger or even a macrame table runner. This is another truly therapeutic craft during the cold winter months!


How to make beautiful scented soy candles for Fall

There’s nothing quite like a warm, glowing candle during the dark winter months. Even better if it’s homemade! Making a candle is a lot easier then you might think. You can use beeswax or soy wax, and even use upcycled jars, a tin, or other containers to keep this craft budget-friendly. Start with my easy DIY soy wax candle tutorial here. Candles are a lovely addition to your winter decor, and – bonus! – they make great gifts.


DIY chunky crochet chair pads - free pattern and video tutorial

Like knitting, crochet is another rhythmic fiber art that is very therapeutic and calming. Many people find crochet easier than knitting. I’ve taught my daughters to crochet, and they all really enjoy it! It’s a great adults craft AND a wonderful kids craft too. Start with something easy like a scarf, or try my simple tutorial for DIY crochet chair pads. They’re made with chunky yarn so they work up quickly!

Painting furniture with DIY chalk paint

How to paint a piece of furniture in under 3 hours with DIY chalk style paint - gorgeous robin's egg blue chest makeover!

Did you know that you can easily mix Plaster of Paris and latex paint to create a DIY chalk style paint?! It’s so simple, and this paint is a wonderful way to update furniture on a budget. A coat of paint can completely transform the look of a piece of furniture. Use a paint that you have on hand to save even more money (or mix two together like I did here)! Click here to see how I updated this chest with DIY chalk style paint in only a few hours.

How to make a DIY arm knit blanket with a fringe - video tutorial

I hope you enjoyed these 10 easy craft ideas for Winter! I’m excited to take a break for a couple weeks as I enjoy Christmas with my family & cozy crafts that will make me feel calm and rested. I hope you will get a chance to do the same! Take some time to rest and feed your creativity this winter season.


Which of these easy crafts will you try this winter? Let us know what you’re going to make in the comments below!


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