10 Easy DIY Easter Crafts That Are Fun To Make

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Easter is one of the busiest holidays of the year, but it doesn’t have to be frantic and full of stress. Crafts can provide a fun, low-key way to enjoy the holiday. Today, I bring you 10 unique DIY Easter crafts that you can try out this year, some easy and some more challenging! However you decide to celebrate, I hope you find some inspiration here.

Make Easter Cookies in a Jar

Learn how to make these simple Easter cookies in a jar for a festive gift. So cute and easy!

This Easter cookies in a jar recipe makes a great gift for a neighbor, family member, or friend. If you’re looking for a simple last-minute gift or porch drop-off idea, these cookies in a jar are so cute and fun and also count as an adorable bunny craft! Put basic cookie ingredients in a mason jar decorated with a bunny ears decal, and don’t forget to add Easter-coloured M&M candy for that festive touch. You can even create a handwritten tag with instructions on how to make the cookies, and tie it to the jar with raffia ribbon. We all know Easter bunnies like cookies more than carrots, so best to embrace the sweet theme of the holiday!

Free Easter Activity Booklet for Kids

Print out this FREE Easter activity booklet for kids as a fun Easter gift this year

This one is a super fun and easy Easter craft idea! This Easter activity booklet for kids is a FREE PRINTABLE and would make a wonderful Easter or spring gift for any child on your list! The activities featured in the booklet are indoors-friendly, and appropriate for most ages. If you are expecting guests to help you celebrate, it is a fun way for a group of kids to pass the time while they wait for dinner or the official Easter egg hunt! To create the booklet, all you need to do is print the pages double-sided on card stock, cut them out, and stack and secure them accordingly. 

Make an Upcycled Easter Basket

DIY Upcycled Easter Basket from an Ice Cream Pail by The DIY Mommy.

I get my thriftiness from my mom, and I really want to share this adorable Easter basket she and little C made.  All you need is:

  • an ice cream pail,
  • some scrapbook paper squares,
  • Mod Podge,
  • craft foam,
  • and whatever trim you have on hand.

You can fully customize this to suit your little Easter bunny’s whims, making it a great craft that even toddlers can help with. Such a cute way to collect Easter candy!

Sew Vintage Inspired Easter Dresses for Baby and Big Sister

DIY Vintage Inspired Easter Dresses by The DIY Mommy

I was reminiscing the other day about Easter seasons past, and remembered the frilly Easter dresses I made when my oldest girls were little. If you’re gearing up for some Easter sewing and need some ideas, these turned out beautifully! They were made for my then three year old and three month old. The pattern was easy to follow, and it leaves room for you to make your own style decisions (buttons or snaps? You decide!).  And the best part? These dresses will stay current and fresh because of their already-vintage feel.an

Make a DIY Spring Tray from a Shadow Box

DIY Spring Tray from a Shadow Box

Learn how to make a sweet DIY serving tray using:

  • a clearance shadow box frame,
  • patterned paper,
  • Mod Podge,
  • and inexpensive utility handles.

This sweet floral tray would be a fabulous addition to your spring or Easter decor this year! This is a wonderful upcycle project that requires only a few supplies and some creativity. It would look beautiful on your Easter brunch table next to a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers.

Easter Wreath Ideas 

You all know I love a good wreath.  Here are two very different but equally lovely ideas for dressing up your home with a seasonal wreath this Easter.  

Make a Dollar Store Easter Egg Wreath (So Cute & Easy!)

Spring and Easter Dollar Store Egg Wreath

Not everyone thinks to decorate their front porch for Easter, but it can be so fun and inviting! Come learn how to make a sweet Easter wreath for your front door featuring speckled eggs, ribbon, pom-poms, moss and a birdhouse… all from the dollar store! Add a little hot glue and voila! This cute wreath on a budget is colourful and sweet, and I just love how it turned out. An excellent way to spend a crafty morning when you’re in the mood to create!

DIY Dollar Tree Lavender Candle Wreath

How to make a candle wreath using Dollar Tree faux lavender and lamb's ear florals

This faux lavender & lamb’s ear candle wreath makes a beautiful addition to your spring decor, and it only takes a few minutes to make! You can use supplies from Dollar Tree to make this lovely, romantic wreath on a budget. Make a group of three of these simple wreaths to hang on your wall or mantel, or make one to wrap around your candle centerpiece – it’s an easy craft to get you in the spring mood. 

Scrap Fabric Ideas

Holidays of any kind are a great excuse to use up leftover craft materials and create something lovely and purposeful that adds colour and interest to other decor ideas.  These next three posts will give you ideas about how to use your existing fabric scraps from other projects to create fun and beautiful Easter crafts! 

DIY Rope | Scrap Fabric Project

DIY Boho Inspired Flower Pot from Scrap Fabric Twine

Do you have a lot of small scrap fabric that you don’t want to throw away? This beautiful DIY twisted rope is a fun scrap fabric project, and you can use the twine to make almost anything! In this tutorial, I have used it to make a boho-inspired flower pot for spring, but you could use it to make an Easter themed mason jar or vase for your holiday tablescape. A very versatile blank slate for any fun Easter craft you can think of!

Make an Easter Basket Garland with Scrap Fabric

Learn how to make a DIY scrap fabric garland to decorate an Easter basket or use as wall decor

Use strips of scrap fabric from your craft supplies stash to make a sweet, boho-inspired garland for an Easter basket or to use as wall decor. To update our Easter baskets from last year without spending any money, I decided to make a fun fabric scrap banner that I could wrap around the baskets. This is a very simple and fun project that would also be great for kids to try! Not only is a banner like this a unique way to decorate an Easter basket, but it also looks wonderful as a wall decoration in a child’s bedroom or for an Easter party accessory.

Fuzzy Crochet Chain DIY Easter Eggs

Learn how to make adorable, fuzzy Easter eggs from Dollar Store plastic eggs and crochet chains.

This is such a fun Easter egg craft idea for adults and kids alike! Create adorable, colourful DIY Easter eggs with fuzzy yarn and a crochet chain. This DIY is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Crochet a long chain with your favourite fuzzy yarn, then apply fabric glue to a plastic egg from the dollar store. You could also use a wooden egg or a ceramic egg, whatever your fancy! Next, wind the chain around the egg. Don’t know how to crochet a chain? Learn how right here. These would be such a fun twist on a traditional Easter egg hunt!

Happy crafting everyone! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @thediymommy to show me your take on these Easter craft ideas! I always love seeing what everyone is up to.


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