10 Romantic DIY Valentine Gifts On A Budget

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The temptations of Valentine’s Day are everywhere: candy, flowers, candy, and more candy. I have some good news though. I’m giving you my best romantic DIY Valentine gifts that won’t break your budget! And even more good news…none of them fit in the traditional candy-chocolates-flowers mold (although some do involve edible treats!), so you can surprise your valentine with something special without spending a lot of money. 

Valentine’s Day Date Night In Gift Basket Idea

Valentine's Day Date Night In Gift Basket Idea

Not able to go out with your loved one for Valentine’s Day this year? No problem! Make this “Date Night In” In a Tin and enjoy a cozy date for two at home, slippers and all! I love turning a collection of ordinary things into a beautiful, meaningful gift by making a gift basket. This Valentine’s Day inspired gift basket was made with items from the dollar store, and I think it turned out so cute!

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Sweet DIY Pampas Grass Arrangement

DIY Pampas Grass Arrangement Gift Idea

Looking for a unique gift idea to show someone you care? This sweet DIY pampas grass arrangement makes a lovely and unique gift. Use a variety of pink and natural coloured grasses to make this soft, textured bouquet, and add a custom stamped tag for the perfect finishing touch.

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I Have Loved You For This Many Days – Free Valentine or Anniversary Card Printable

I Have Loved You For This Many Days - Free, romantic Valentine's Day or Anniversary card printable. So sweet!

This free printable card is a really cute way to remind someone how much you love them and how long you’ve been in each other’s lives! For some reason, writing it out in days rather than years has a really big impact. Whether you’re giving it to your bestie or your partner for Valentine’s Day, it’s sure to make them smile and feel appreciated.

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Make a Heart Shaped Book Page Wreath

DIY Heart Shaped Book Page Wreath Video Tutorial

Come learn how to make a romantic, shabby chic, heart shaped book page wreath for Valentine’s Day or spring! It’s an easy craft, and the result is so ruffly and beautiful. 

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Make Easy Paper Roses from Dollar Store Streamers

How to make Paper Roses from Dollar Store Crepe Paper Streamers

Another beautiful and romantic DIY valentine gift: handmade paper roses! Learn how to make easy paper roses from dollar store crepe paper streamers. This is a fun DIY project for both adults and kids alike! All you need to make these is a roll of crepe paper streamers, some wooden BBQ skewers (I also found these at the dollar store), some glue (I used Aileen’s Tacky Glue) and some (optional) green ribbon to cover the stem.

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Make a Crochet Chain Heart DIY Valentines Pillow

DIY Heart Pillow for Valentine's Day with a crochet chain, glue & pre-made pillow cover

This DIY Valentine’s Day pillow is SO simple to make, and it’s a sweet way to decorate for the season! Learn how to make it with a simple crochet chain and a pre-made pillow cover. If you like quick and inexpensive home decor crafts, you’ll love this DIY! 

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Romantic (and Edible!) DIY Valentine Gifts

Make Easy Rose Cupcakes

How to Make Easy Rose Cupcakes by The DIY Mommy

One of the Valentine’s Day traditions I have started with my girls is making simple (but impressive looking!) rose cupcakes. I’m not even sure how this became a tradition, but we all love it! All you need are cupcakes, some buttercream icing, a large icing bag, a coupler, and a 1M icing tip from Wilton (an “open star” tip). Once you’ve got your cupcakes made and your icing mixed, all you do is pipe a beautiful rose shape onto the top of each cupcake! I love how these turn out and enjoy displaying them every year. 

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Valentine’s Day DIY Waffle Bar

Valentine's Day Waffle Bar - it's such a sweet idea! Make heart shaped waffles and serve with a variety of sweet and savory toppings.

Here’s an idea for a sweet and special valentine themed breakfast: a DIY Valentine’s Day waffle bar! Made up of heart-shaped waffles and all the sweet and savoury trimmings, this one is sure to please. Take a look at what we serve at ours, and then make it your own with all your family’s favourites! 

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Make Heart Shaped Beignets for Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Beignets Recipe for Valentine's Day

I’ve only ever heard of beignets in the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog, and that’s because the heroine Tiana makes them in her New Orleans cafe. Recently, I got curious and investigated what they were exactly, and when I found out that they were essentially baby donuts smothered in icing sugar, I was sold. We HAD to make these, and we had to make them for Valentine’s Day! Let me show you how to make heart shaped beignets that I hope would make Tiana proud.

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How to Create a Romantic Table for 2 on a Budget

How to Create a Romantic Table for 2 on a Budget

How about the DIY Valentine gift of a romantic dinner? Here’s how I create a romantic dinner table for two at home on a budget. My hubby and I do love sneaking out on date nights whenever we can, but we don’t like crowds or paying blown-up prices for dinner on Valentine’s Day! So, creating a table setting for two by the fire is a great way to make the night feel special even though we’re staying in. Check out these tips for creating your own special night in on a budget!

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However you choose to celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the people you care about! Now, which of these DIY Valentine gifts is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below! I’d also love to see what you created for your special someone, tag me over on instagram @thediymommy



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