Last month, I reached 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I never thought I’d reach this milestone, but I’m so thrilled and grateful that I did! In honour of 100k subscribers, I’m sharing a full 100 of my favourite DIY decor ideas that I’ve featured here on my blog and my YouTube channel over the past few years.

100 DIY Decor Ideas

You can listen to my thoughts on this exciting achievement in my video below, but I simply need to say THANK YOU. Thank you for reading my blog, for subscribing to my channel, and for encouraging me to create things and share them here with you. I am so honoured to be able to do this full time and meet so many fellow creative mamas all of the world in the process!

How to paint floor tile with a stencil. Amazing DIY faux cement tile look!

Watch my video on 100 beautiful DIY decor ideas, and then find the list with links to all of the tutorials and projects below!

  1. Buttoned Pillow Cover
    This is a classic pillow design that’s really simple to sew and I still use this method.
  2. Granny Square Blanket
    I made this when my daughters were small, and we still use it. It’s a great heirloom craft!
  3. Cutlery Tray Jewelry Holder
    This is a great way to organize your jewelry, and it’s really simple and inexpensive to make.
  4. Painting Fan Blades
    This is a great hack when you want your fan to match your decor.
  5. Board & Batten Hook Wall
    I love board and batten, and this hook wall has been so useful for our family.
  6. TeePee Play Tent
    One of the most popular DIYs on my blog, and I have the entire pattern and instructions on there for free!
  7. Grommet Topped Drapes
    This is a great way to sew drapes if you’re a beginning seamstress.
  8. Fabric Peonies & Roses
    Another one of my most popular tutorials, and these are fantastic for wedding or Spring decor.
  9. Budget Gallery Wall
    Putting together a cohesive but unique gallery wall is so much fun, and I have all the tips on my blog.
  10. Modern Artwork from Thrift Store Canvas
    This is a great way to create inexpensive art for your home – you simply paint right over a thrifted piece!
  11. Book Page Wreath
    One of my first YouTube videos, this is such a sweet looking wreath for hardly any money!
  12. Old Door Countertop
    This is a great hack if you want to have an interesting laundry room counter top.
  13. Ironing Board Cover
    This is simple to sew, and a great way to coordinate your ironing board with your decor.
  14. Beadboard Hook Wall
    I love hook walls, and this projects is fantastic for organizing a kids’ bathroom or entry.
  15. (Spring) Floral Wreath
    This wreath is so cute and easy to make, and I love the addition of the banner.
  16. Faux Cowhide Rug
    If you don’t want or can’t afford a real cowhide rug, make one out of fabric! It’s so easy.
  17. Giant Framed Pegboard
    Pegboards are a great way to organize, and I put this one in our laundry room.
  18. Easy Cafe Curtains
    This is another simple sewing project, and these would be beautiful in a laundry room or over a kitchen sink.
  19. Vintage Cane Chair Makeover
    These chairs were an inexpensive Kijiji fiind, and I painted them and my mom reupholstered them to give them a beautiful update.
  20. Fairy Garden
    My girls and I love to create and play with fairy gardens – these are a wonderful family project.
  21. Faux Mercury Glass Vase
    Use an old pickle jar and some mirror spray paint to create a beautiful, vintage look vase.
  22. Fitted Keyboard Skirt
    I took some fabric and ribbon and sewed a skirt for my keyboard stand to make it suit my decor.
  23. Perfect Chalkboard Art
    This hack shows you how to create perfect looking chalkboard art even if you aren’t the best at handwriting.
  24. Outdoor Dropcloth Drapes
    These drapes were very inexpensive, and so easy to make to create privacy on our porch.
  25. DIY Porch Columns
    Beefing up your porch columns can be easy and inexpensive with some plywood and paint!
  26. DIY Foraged Natural Wreath
    This wreath was essentially free because I used clippings from my yard and some twine.
  27. No Sew Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt
    If you don’t like to sew, this Christmas tree skirt is the perfect DIY project! Simply find some faux fur and cut it to size.
  28. Arm Knit Blanket
    This is one of my favourite decor DIYs – I still use my arm knit blankets everywhere!
  29. Wire Mesh Baskets
    It’s easy to make wire baskets for any awkward size with some fencing and pliers.
  30. Old Door Message Center
    Take an antique door, some hooks and some baskets and create an adorable command center for your home.
  31. Mason Jar Hanging Craft Storage
    Old mason jars and pipe clamps can create a really handy hanging storage system – I made this for my craft room!
  32. Giant Reclaimed Wood Clock
    Use the top of an old electrical wire spool to make a beautiful oversized clock with paint stencils.
  33. Realistic Fabric Peonies with Stems
    This is a twist on my original fabric flower tutorial – it’s fuller, and has a stem.
  34. Easy Throw PIllow Cover
    This is my easiest pillow cover tutorial, and they’re so quick to make!
  35. Campaign Dresser Inspired Filing Cabinet
    If you have a dated, plain filing cabinet you can spruce it up with hardware and paint and make it look stylish and new.
  36. Wall Shelf from a Cutlery Tray
    Here’s another cutlery tray hack – paint one and turn it into a shelf for your child’s collectibles!
  37. Thrifted Shabby Chic Gallery Wall
    Paint thrifted picture frames with chalk paint and use free printable art to create a romantic gallery wall.
  38. How to Paint Furniture with Chalk style Paint
    I have a great DIY chalk style paint recipe and I share how to update furniture with paint in 3 hours or less!
  39. Faux Galvanized Planter
    Turn a new galvanized container into one that looks like it’s an antique with an easy paint technique.
  40. Lace Decopauged Vases
    Plain vases can be turned into something special with lace trim and Mod Podge.
  41. Painted Rock Garden Markers
    Paint rocks with acrylic paint and seal them to create beautiful and unique garden markers.
  42. No Sew Throw Blanket
    Soft minkee fabric doesn’t fray, so you can cut it to size and create a fringe for an easy no-sew throw blanket.
  43. Easy Duvet Cover Trick
    If you turn a duvet cover inside out and roll it with your duvet, you can put them together like magic!
  44. No Sew Fabric Covered Black Out Shade
    Some fabric and a glue gun are all that’s needed to turn a plain black out shade into something that matches your decor.
  45. DIY Roman Shade
    This is a great DIY if you’re a beginning seamstress and want to create a beautiful, traditional covering for your window.
  46. How to Hang Wallpaper
    I share all of my tips and tricks on how to hang wallpaper like a pro. I love wallpaper!
  47. DIY Map Art
    Use an old canvas, a vintage map, paint and Mod Podge to create beautiful, customizable art.
  48. Salvaged Farm Junk Wreath
    I found an antique tire rim and created a unique fall wreath.
  49. No Sew Table Runner
    You don’t have to sew to create a beautiful table runner out of fabric – just use hem tape!
  50. Faux Floral and Leaf Table Garland
    Tying some faux greenery and flowers to twine makes a beautiful garland for Fall.
  51. How to Install a Barn Door
    A barn door is a beautiful DIY that can add interest to your home and it’s not that hard to install.
  52. Shabby Chic Dropcloth Rag Wreath
    Inexpensive painters drop cloth fabric can be ripped into strips and applied to a wreath form for gorgeous decor.
  53. How to Hang Art Straight
    This hack is an easy way to hang art that will sit straight on your wall – no level required!
  54. Pillow from a Scarf
    This simple tying hack creates an easy pillow cover from a scarf for any season.
  55. No Sew Pillow Cover
    Here’s another DIY hack with hem tape to create a simple no-sewing-required pillow cover!
  56. No Sew Ruffled Drop Cloth Tree Skirt
    This beautiful Christmas accessory doesn’t require any sewing to make – only drop cloth and a glue gun!
  57. Faux Fur Pillow
    If you love the look and feel of faux fur, I’m sharing all of my tips on how to cut and sew with it to create a beautiful pillow cover.
  58. How to Caulk Trim
    Caulking the trim in your home makes it look finished and professional, and I have a few easy tips to make it look good.
  59. Simple Monogram Wreath
    Use a Cricut machine and some ribbon to add some personalized embellishments to a store bought wreath to make it look special.
  60. Dress Up Storage Bookcase Hack
    Adding a clothing rod to a bookcase turns it into an adorable spot to store dress up clothes in your child’s room.
  61. Felt Pennant Banner
    This cute banner is made of felt and biased tape. So easy to make and a cute kid’s room decoration!
  62. Rustic Log Bench
    Use barnwood and old logs to create a really easy, free bench for your outdoor decor.
  63. Floral Coasters
    These coasters are made with wood slices, and the flowers are made with an inkjet printer and transparency film!
  64. Paint Dipped Succulent Planter
    Turn an old log into a planter for your succulents with painter’s tape and paint.
  65. DIY Kids Table Makeover
    An inexpensive kids’ table set gets a designer makeover with paint, wallpaper, and sealant.
  66. DIY Board & Batten Feature Wall
    I love the look of board & batten trim, and I share how to install it and finish it to make your home look customized and beautiful.
  67. Hidden Tab Drapes
    These drapes are easy and quick to sew and feature a tab at the back made out of wide ribbon.
  68. DIY Chalk Paint
    I have a great recipe for DIY chalk style paint that can transform furniture in a snap!
  69. Magnolia Wreath
    Glue some faux magnolia leaves to a grapevine wreath to create this iconic farmhouse decor accessory.
  70. Boho Wall Hanging
    A thrift store doily turns into a bohemian wall hanging with the addition of a fringe, a driftwood hanger and some faux flowers.
  71. Tshirt Yarn Rug
    Use old tshirts or knit fabric to create chunky yarn to make this easy crochet rug.
  72. Under The Stairs Pantry
    Turn the unused space under your stairs into a pantry with shelving and a DIY barn door.
  73. Recycled Tire Ottoman
    A tire becomes an ottoman with sisal rope and a glue gun. This is such a simple but impactful DIY!
  74. DIY Outdoor Sofa
    This outdoor couch is easier than it looks to make, and all you need are 2×4’s!
  75. Fairy Garden Wreath
    This unique wreath is made of a tin tray, small accessories, and some faux flowers all in a boxwood wreath.Soft
  76. Macrame Pillow
    This pillow is made of giant, fluffy yarn and a few basic macrame knots and is so soft and cozy!
  77. DIY Outdoor Christmas Planters
    Turn your fall Mum planters into festive Christmas planters with this easy tutorial.
  78. How to Put Ribbon on Christmas Tree
    I’m sharing all my tricks on how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon and make it look romantic and beautiful.
  79. Shiplap Sign
    Use wood and a stencil to create a beautiful custom sign with a farmhouse look.
  80. Under Stairs Dog Nook
    Another take on an under-stairs nook – turn it into a mini retreat for your pet with a DIY bed, handmade wall organizer, and more cozy accesssories.
  81. Budget Nightstand Makeover
    Paint and elbow grease can transform thrifted nightstands into beautiful pieces that blend in with your decor.
  82. Let’s Get Cozy Pillow
    Use a Cricut machine, my free file and some iron on vinyl to make this cozy looking pillow for your home.
  83. Macrame Table Runner
    Learn how to make this gorgeous table runner with clothesline and a few basic macrame knots.
  84. Upcycled Mason Jar Cozies
    An old sweater becomes adorable wraps for mason jars that you can fill with gifts or decor items for Christmas.
  85. Real Evergreen Wreaths
    This method of wreath making was passed down from my great grandpa who was a gardener in germany.
  86. How to Paint Doors
    My mom and I share tips on how to acheive a smooth finish when painting interior doors with a paint sprayer.
  87. DIY Real & Faux Floral Arrrangment
    Combining real and fake flowers and greenery is a great way to create a full flower arrangement on a budget.
  88. Simple Romantic Wreath
    A heart grapevine wreath a faux flowers create a romantic wreath that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.
  89. How to Hem & Hang Drapes
    I have a sneaky way to hem drapes while keeping them on the rod and not even touching  a sewing machine!
  90. Chunky Crochet Heart Banner
    This adorable banner is a great beginner’s crochet project and it uses chunky yarn so it works up fast!
  91. Hello Mat
    Turn a plain outdoor mat into something more personalized with some paint and a stencil.
  92. Dining Bench from Kitchen Cabinets 
    I used some Ikea fridge cabinets and trim to make a built in bench for my breakfast nook.
  93. Macrame Boho Light Fixture
    Inexpensive string, large embroidery hoops and fairy lights help create this unique, boho styled macrame chandelier.
  94. How to Paint Tile Floors
    If you have old tile, a fun way to update it is with a stencil, some paint, and a lot of elbow grease to create a whole new look.
  95. Chunky Crochet Chair Pads
    Another easy crochet project, these cushy chair pads are really quick and simple to make.
  96. French Country Floral Wreath
    Some DIY faux peonies and other faux flowers are used to embellish a store bought faux boxwood wreath and give it a Spring makeover.
  97. Pallet Potting Bench
    Old wood and paint turns into a beautiful potting bench with the addition of an antique window.
  98. Piped & Zippered Pillow Cover
    This is my favourite pillow cover methhod. It’s a little trickier than the others, b ut it looks so professional!
  99. DIY French Vintage Basket
    Turn an orange coloured wicker basket into somethin that looks like it was found at a French country market with paint and wax.
  100. How to Install Laminate Flooring
    Installing new flooring in your home is a geat way to give it a huge update, and laminate might be easier than you think to install! I share all my tips in this tutorial.