13 Simple Holiday Home Hacks that will make your Christmas easier!

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In this post, I’m going to show you 13 simple but effective holiday home hacks that’ll make your life easier! From ways to style holiday decor to clever tips for entertaining, I’ve got you covered!

Holidays can be a lot of work, but with these hacks, you’ll be able to breeze through the season without any trouble. Tune in to see how easy it is to hack your holiday home and get ready for a stress-free 2022 holiday season!

Learn how to put together a fresh greenery Christmas wreath that looks full and gorgeous with this easy wreath hack!

Full & gorgeous wreath hack

To make an inexpensive Christmas wreath look more full, add a DIY ribbon bow to the top. Then, hang some bell ornaments from the top center, and wrap a eucalyptus garland around the wreath two times. My wreath is from Costco, and the inexpensive eucalyptus garland is from IKEA. This is an easy way to make your front door wreath look amazing! A wreath like this also looks beautiful over your Christmas fireplace mantel. Learn more about this easy wreath hack here.

Easy Cranberry Brie Tarts Recipe - a delicious Christmas appetizer!

Cranberry & brie appetizer hack

This Holiday appetizer looks and tastes impressive, but it’s a cinch to make! Start with a roll of Pillsbury crescent rolls, and then add some cranberry sauce, brie cheese, rosemary and freshly cracked pepper. You can find the full recipe for these Brie & Cranberry Tarts here.

Christmas tree with turquoise and red plaid ribbon, flocked branches, pink velvet ribbon, and greenery picks

Ornament cluster hack

To make your Christmas tree look fuller and more high-end, create Christmas ornament clusters. To do this, string 3 different sized ornaments on a pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner, and twist it to secure the ornaments. Use the end of the pipe cleaner to hang the cluster on your tree. Learn more of my Christmas tree decorating tips here.

Christmas tree napkin folding hack

Folding your dinner napkins in a festive way is a fun way to add style to your Holiday table and wow your guests. These Christmas tree folded napkins are so cute, and this fold is easy to do! You can forgo more elaborate centerpieces when you have napkins like this that will take center stage on your Holiday table. Watch my Holiday Hacks video to see how to fold your dinner napkins into the shape of a Christmas tree.

Learn simple recipes for a simmer pot that will make your home smell amazing for any season.

Simmer pot kit hack

Create a simmer pot kit in a jar to store in your pantry to use later, or to give as a Christmas gift this year. Dry some apple and orange slices, and then place those in an upcycled jar along with some cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried cranberries and a spruce tree clipping. You can place this in a pot of simmering water, and enjoy the Holiday fragrance in your home. This also makes a great gift! Click here for the full tutorial and for my free gift tags and instruction tags for these simmer pot gifts.

Tree skirt hack

Rather than spend a ton of money on a Christmas tree skirt, try thinking outside the box! Use a cozy plaid blanket and wrap it around the base of your tree for a unique look. You could also use sheepskins or a faux fur blanket!

These beautiful gift wrap ideas are inexpensive and easy to recreate!

Upcycled gift box hack

Don’t throw out your wrapping paper rolls this season! You can use them to make easy DIY pillow boxes for wrapping your small Christmas gifts. Cut a wrapping paper roll into a 6-8″ long piece, and then score a half circle into each end with scissors. Then, place your small gift inside the tube and press the ends shut. Use scotch tape to close the ends, and decorate with scrap wrapping paper or ribbon. You can find more simple but beautiful gift wrapping ideas here.

Hot chocolate station from a caddy

Holiday hot chocolate station hack

If you want to make an adorable and portable hot chocolate station for your holiday party, use a divided tray! Place a coffee filter in each section, and put hot chocolate essentials in the coffee filters. I found this caddy at The Brick several years ago, and I’m using hot chocolate mix, toffee bits, marshmallows, sprinkles, cinnamon sticks and biscotti in my tray. You could also include things like candy canes, fresh cranberries, chocolate chips, and any favorite sweet treat. So cute and easy!

5 Ways to make your Christmas Tree look amazing on a budget

Christmas tree lights hack

For added interest to your Christmas tree this year, consider incorporating two sizes of holiday lights. Wrap the tree in regular Christmas lights, and then take one strand of larger globe lights and wind that through the front of the tree. This adds such a beautiful effect, and it’s so easy. After adding lights to your Christmas tree, you can go ahead and add your ribbon, large ornaments, more delicate ornaments and a tree topper. See how I decorated this Christmas tree with solely Dollar Tree items right here.

Rose napkin folding Holiday home hack

Here’s another napkin folding idea that’s simple but packs a punch. Fold a napkin in half diagonally, then roll it up from the long side leaving a small triangle on top. Now, roll THAT roll into a rose shape, and pull and turn the triangle up from the bottom to create the leaves. Watch my Holiday Hacks video to see how to fold your dinner napkins into a rose shape.

How to make an epic Christmas charcuterie cheese board in red & green

Charcuterie board hack

This Christmas charcuterie board looks impressive, but it’s so simple to put together. Start with a round cutting board, and then place 2-3 varieties of cheese on top. Then add a few varieties of meats, and pick your favourite red & green coloured fruits or vegetables to place around the rest. Take your charcuterie platter to the next level by adding crackers, fresh figs, honeys, jams and some rosemary sprigs. Get the full tutorial for this red & green Christmas charcuterie board here.

How to make DIY Outdoor Christmas Planters

Christmas planter hack

If you have old planters from the Fall, this is a great way to keep using them! Cut any old flowers out, but keep the soil. Place floral foam in the center of the planter, and push a metal lantern down onto it. Then, push mixed greenery stems into the soil around the lantern. I used pine stems, spruce stems and cedar stems for my planter. Finish with a red bow, and you have a gorgeous Christmas planter for your front porch!

Upcycled gift wrap hack

Save your brown packing paper from your deliveries this season! You can use it to wrap gifts and wow your recipient. Use a special pleated folding technique to make the wrapping look special, and place dried orange slices and greenery in the folds. Watch my Holiday Hacks video to see how to fold your old packing paper into gorgeous gift wrap.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite Holiday hacks! Let me know your favourite Holiday home hacks in the comments. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

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