3 Easy DIY Cone Decor Ideas for Christmas

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Learn how to make a braided chunky yarn wrapped decorative tree, a dessert tree with donut holes & mini cupcakes, and a coffee filter wrapped decorative tree with inexpensive supplies and styrofoam cones.

DIY Cone Decor Ideas for Christmas

If you’re looking for a few simple DIY projects for your Christmas decor this year, look no further than starting with the humble styrofoam cone! I found some small ones at the Dollar Tree this year, and larger ones on Amazon. They’re a great base to make seasonal decor or a fabulous centerpiece for your holiday party!

Here are three DIY decor ideas that use a styrofoam cone as a starting point. You can watch the video at the end of this post to see the full step-by-step on how I made these:

DIY Yarn and Coffee Filter Trees

1: Braided Yarn-Wrapped Tree

To make this one, simply finger crochet some chunky yarn into a long chain that wraps fully around a styrofoam cone from top to bottom. Then, attach it to the cone with hot glue, spiraling it around the cone as you go.

DIY Dessert Tree with Styrofoam Cone, TimBits and Cupcakes

2: Dessert Tree

Push 3-4 real or faux roses (cut them near the flower’s base) into a large styrofoam cone. Push toothpicks around the base of the cone, and then attach donut holes or mini cupcakes to the toothpicks. Keep attaching toothpicks and treats to the cone from the bottom to the top. You can finish this dessert tree with a festive topper. (I made this one for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower.)

DIY Yarn and Coffee Filter Trees

3: Coffee Filter Tree

Cut the centers out of 6-7 coffee filters so that you’re left with the ruffled edge. Starting at the bottom, use hot glue to adhere the top edge of the cut filters around a styrofoam cone. Continue adding rows of filters, overlapping each row by an inch or more. Finish off the tree by wrapping a small piece of coffee filter around the tip of the tree, pinching its top, and gluing it down.

DIY Dessert Tree with Styrofoam Cone, TimBits and Cupcakes ย DIY Yarn and Coffee Filter Trees

Watch my YouTube video below to see how I made these DIY cone ideas for Christmas:

Now tell me: Which DIY styrofoam cone idea was your favourite? Happy crafting!

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