Do you have a hard time defining your decor style and shopping for it? Today I’m sharing 3 simple steps to nailing down your decorating style as well as a list of 8 common decor styles with examples. 

I often get asked how to find your own decor style and shop for it. This post will be the first in a series of posts and videos I’m going to publish over the next several weeks on just that! I hope you find this content helpful as you decorate your own home to be cozy and beautiful for you and your family.

Defining your personal decorating style will help you shop for furniture,  accessories and paint colours for your home. It’s a really handy piece of info to know!

A couple of notes before we begin:

You don’t have to use only one style. Most people are a mix of 2 or 3 styles.

You can change your decorating style as you learn and grow. Your style will usually evolve as your tastes and family life changes.

Feminine Modern Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Makeover with large floral wall mural, upholstered headboard, and blush pink, grey and copper colors

My personal style is definitely a mix of styles!

Here are the 3 steps I suggest you take if you want to find your decorating style:

1: Take note of what you have

Have a look around your home and see what furniture, accessories and paint colours you’re already using. If these things make you smile, they’re your style! Don’t forget that anything you already own can be relatively easily updated with paint or a hardware change, if you want.

2: Create a Pinterest board of rooms you love

Pinterest is a great tool to create a collection of images that help you nail down your style. Simply scroll through the Home Decor section of and Pin your favourite room photos to a board on your account. After a while, you should be able to see reoccurring elements like furniture styles, colours, paint colours and fabric styles in all of the photos. is another site that I enjoy where you can create collections of interior images that inspire you.

3: Study both what you have and what you want and match it up with a style

Using the items and decor choices you already have in your home and your Pinterest photo collection as a reference, make a list of all of the distinct features you see in the furniture, accessories, fabrics and paint colours. For example, you might note that you have or love things like weathered wood furniture, black metal accents, white linen furniture, vintage look accessories and antique finds. After you’ve made your list, match it up to 1, 2 or 3 of the 8 common decor styles I’ve listed below to find what style (or styles!) you are! (If your list is something like the example I’ve just made, you might love Farmhouse Style!)

The following decorating styles are 8 of the most common styles I’ve come across over the past year or two, but there are certainly more. If you don’t think you’re any of these, do a quick Google or Pinterest search of “decor styles” to see if you might be something else!

8 Common Decorating Styles


Look for: neutral colours like beige and white, intricate details like tufting and carving, symmetry, patterns like florals and damask, porcelain accessories, landscape art, brass accents


Look for: neutral & warm colours with pops of bright accent colours, clean lines, “less is more”, exposed woods, chrome & glass accents, geometric patterns


Look for: neutral colours like white, cream, black and grey, reclaimed & natural woods, mixed metals, industrial accents, patterns like buffalo check and stripes


Look for: neutral and simple colours like white and grey, accents with pops of colour, botanical and animal patterns, natural wood, smooth lines, simplicity, nature-inspired accents, “hygge” inspired accents like warm textiles, candles.


Look for: dark colours like black and grey, lots of worn metal accents, exposed pipes and ducts, unfinished elements, raw wood accents, vintage furniture and accessories


Look for: colours like warm white and ocean inspired hues like blue and green, nautical decor accents, soft furnishings, beach inspired accessories, shiplap, wicker furniture


Look for: rich colours like deep jewel tones, an overabundance of textiles and accessories, global inspired accents, handmade items like wall hangings, pottery and braided rugs, a “more is more” approach to decorating


Look for: light colours like white, grey and pastels, empty space, minimal clutter with the use of storage elements, furniture with clean lines, large scale art, a “less is more” approach to decorating

I hope you found these 3 steps to find your style and this list of 8 common decorating styles helpful as you decorate your own home to make it uniquely YOU!

Watch my video on how to find your decorating style:

Now tell me: What style – or mix of styles – are you? I’d love to hear in the comments below.