5 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Fall (Plus some DIY coffee recipes and Cricut inspiration)

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I love coffee! Lattes, espresso, americano, whipped coffee, cold brew… even plain coffee! One of my favourite things to do is create new recipes, so it’s very convenient to have all my coffee supplies one area. Not hidden in a drawer or behind a pantry door or in a kitchen cabinet, but sitting out in the open all ready to go whenever coffee calls my name! Today, I’m going to show you how to create a beautiful coffee bar space that will keep your coffee essentials like your coffee machine, k-cups, coffee mugs, syrups and sweeteners all in the same place. 

Did you know that coffee can actually be a form of home decor too? Here are some DIY coffee bar ideas to help you create your own fun little coffee shop at home.

Budget friendly Fall coffee station idea using dollar store items and a DIY dollar store tray

Fall Coffee Station + DIY Dollar Store Tray

This cute coffee bar is made with mostly dollar store items! When I saw this wooden “artist’s panel” at Dollarama, I knew flipping it upside down would make the perfect base for a DIY wooden tray. I stained it, added some peel & stick tiles to its base inside (also from Dollarama!), and cut up a leather belt from the thrift store to make handles that I screwed to each side of the tray. So easy and cute, right? Come and see how I styled it mostly with items from the dollar store or things I already had on hand! This tray makes a great addition to your coffee accessories and would be so cute on a coffee bar cart as well.

Budget friendly Fall coffee station idea using dollar store items and a DIY dollar store tray

Copper Autumn Coffee Bar Idea

You guys know I LOVE my coffee. And I know that there are lots of you that love it too! For this idea, I thought it would be fun to create my own coffee station right where I need it most – by my bed! This fall coffee station in tones of copper and weathered wood makes our bedroom feel even more autumnal. I love having the option of an instant morning coffee (or a late night tea)! With a tiered tray and copper accents, this is just perfect for fall and a great way to spend a quiet Sunday morning.

Fall Coffee Nook+ Free Decal SVG Cut Files for your Keurig & Mugs

It’s pie and coffee weather, friends! Two of my favorite things can now be more easily consumed in the cooler, crisper weather of fall. HOORAY! I’ve given our little coffee nook a fun makeover to celebrate this momentous occasion. I never tire of words on things, and if they’re in gold that’s even better. For this coffee bar idea, I wanted to use my Cricut to create some prettier decals for my Keurig. And, of course, some mugs to match! Come see what a simple Cricut decal DIY project can do to elevate your boring coffee machine!

How to make a coffee station at home with an Amazon bar cart

Don’t have a tonne of room for a full-blown coffee station in your home? Try creating a cozy coffee station from a bar cart! It’s fun to decorate, easy to move, and has enough space for everything you need. Here’s how to make a coffee station at home with an Amazon bar cart:

  1. Start with a simple bar cart (I chose a beautiful gold one from Amazon),
  2. Next, add a coffee maker,
  3. Incorporate trays and stands for height and storage,
  4. And finally, add some beautiful seasonal accessories.

For this coffee bar idea, I’m adding a little faux greenery, faux autumn leaves, faux pumpkins, and a dried orange banner to the front of the bar cart. 

How to make a cozy coffee station at home with an Amazon bar cart

Entertainment Unit to Coffee & Drink Bar 

I transformed the entertainment unit in our RV into a handy coffee and drink station! I’ve converted the dated entertainment unit into a practical and cute coffee and drinks bar that the whole family can use.

For this coffee bar idea, I had a lot of fun smashing up the original unit with a hammer.

  • I removed all of the doors, and most of the trim.
  • Then I sanded and painted the entire thing,
  • Re-positioned shelves,
  • Added a rail with hooks to hold coffee mugs,
  • And installed some marble contact paper to the new counter space.

Although this was in my camper, you could use these same principles to transform a space or old piece of furniture in your home as well! I love that this tiny coffee bar still has plenty of room for everything I need to make a great cup of coffee on the road.

Turn a dated camper entertainment unit into an RV Coffee Bar and Drink Station

Do you Cricut? 

With all these home coffee bar ideas being thrown around, we might as well talk about how to accent your new coffee bar area. Coffee mugs are an obvious coffee essential that make a perfect accent. Making personalized mugs is fun and easy, and they make a great addition to your home coffee bar or also a great gift. I love using my Cricut for this purpose.

For more information on what Cricut machines are and what they can do, check out my post where I answer all your Cricut questions. This is a great way to personalize mugs for each member of your family, or make all those funny sayings on mugs you see on the internet come to life! And it’s not just sayings you can use your Cricut for. Find out how to use your Cricut to make decals and labels with images too! Cricut machines can also be used to label your coffee related items like canisters for coffee beans and sugar or sweetener or syrups, so everything looks cute sitting on your kitchen counter or your coffee cart. Check out this Cricut labeling tutorial for more information on that. There’s really no limit to how you can use your Cricut to create a fun and personal coffee bar space. 

The Cricut Mug Press is here, and you can make professional looking, dishwasher safe mugs with with beautiful designs. Here's how!

Coffee Recipes 

And of course, now that you have this beautiful, unique, personalized area for brewing the perfect cup of coffee, why not add some fun recipes to your repertoire? 

My DIY Vanilla Latte Recipe

I think I’ve finally perfected my latte making, and I can’t believe the difference a well-brewed espresso makes! I make my own DIY vanilla syrup that can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. Then I use my Barista Express to grind fresh espresso beans into a gorgeous espresso. The machine also has a milk steamer which is the handiest dandiest tool! After I steam some milk, I pour about a tablespoon of DIY vanilla syrup into my fresh espresso. Then I pour about 8 oz. of steamed milk into that. The result is the most delicious vanilla latte that will definitely impress your guests!

How to make iced coffee at home: A step by step guide

Learn how to make iced coffee at home with this simple DIY recipe! To save money, I like to make my iced coffees at home. They’re actually very easy to make, and my version uses all natural ingredients. Two shots of espresso, some sweetener of your choice, ice, and your favourite kind of milk makes for a beautiful and refreshing drink.  

Easy recipe to make delicious iced coffee at thome

DIY Vanilla Maple Latte

There’s nothing quite like a steaming hot latte on a crisp fall morning, am I right? I’ve recently started a plan to cut out all white sugar and white flour from my diet – basically the processed stuff. Last week, I discovered a way to make a delicious, festive tasting latte with all natural ingredients (maple syrup, pure vanilla and milk) and it’s so good! I’ve been drinking a DIY vanilla maple latte every day now, and it’s such a treat.

DIY Vanilla Maple Latte with all natural ingredients!

Gingerbread Flavored Coffee Syrup

This flavorful gingerbread coffee syrup is the perfect addition to your morning latte at any time of year, not just the holidays! It also makes a great gift for a coffee lover. The syrup is so simple to make and tastes delicious. You might even have all the ingredients you need to make it in your pantry right now!

Gingerbread flavored coffee syrup recipe that's so easy to make!

DIY Whipped Coffee with real espresso (+ a sugar free option!)

My version of whipped coffee or Dalgona coffee uses real espresso and less sweetener for a taste that I prefer. Plus, you can even make this sugar-free! Let me show you how to make this DIY whipped coffee with real espresso.

This DIY whipped or Dalgona coffee uses real espresso and less sweetener. You can also make it sugar free!

How To Make a London Fog (Earl Grey Tea Latte)

Coffee is my best buddy during that nasty afternoon slump when I REALLY want to take a nap, but I can’t because I have work to do, a house to tidy, or kids to chauffeur around. Lately however, I’ve found a new drink that rivals my regular lattes: a maple London Fog. OH MY!

How to make a DIY maple London Fog (an Earl Grey latte) thediymommy.wpsc.dev

Make Cold Brew Coffee with Sweet Vanilla Cream

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow coffee-loving mama! The stuff keeps me alive some days.  I’ve finally learned how to make a tasty cold brew coffee as an alternative to the hot kind, so let me share it with you today in this video tutorial. I’ve also come up with a really yummy creamer that you can add to this cold brew to make a vanilla sweet cream cold brew or frappucino. It’s such a treat! 

DIY homemade cold brew coffee with sweet vanilla cream

I hope you were able to find inspiration in these coffee bar ideas! Hopefully now you can use your creativity to make your own coffee station filled with your favourite coffee accessories and personalized coffee home decor items for a cozy, comfy coffee corner. Drink a cup for me!

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