5 Easy Ways to Create a Calm & Clean Home This Fall

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Do you long to create a sense of peace and tranquility in your home this Fall? I certainly do! As someone who’s prone to anxiety, I’ve learned that a few simple cleaning and organizing routines help keep my panic levels in check and instill a sense of calm into our home. They’re also really easy and you don’t have to do them alone!

How to make your home feel calm and cozy - Fall cleaning routine

Here are a few simple things that will really help your home feel clean and calm this Fall.

1: Involve the whole family in a simple after-supper cleaning routine

How to make your home feel calm and cozy - Fall cleaning routine

If you’re a bit of a micro-manager like I am, you’ll know that it can be hard to “let go” and let your kids help you tidy the house. I’ve learned that this is an important skill to teach my kids, however, and if we all work together to keep our home neat & tidy it lifts a lot of stress off of my own shoulders. Even a simple after-supper routine involving the whole family will help. Have your kids to age appropriate chores to clean the kitchen and main areas after dinner, and you’ll all wake up to a tidier house in the morning (and you won’t have to do it alone later on)!

2: Use calming scents while cleaning like Pine-Sol®Lavender Clean®

How to make your home feel calm and cozy - Fall cleaning routine

Cleaning can be therapeutic, and adding some aromatherapy into your cleaning routine not only helps keep you calm during your clean, but after too. Light up a few candles, and use a cleaner like Pine-Sol®Lavender Clean® with a soothing scent. I’ve been using this cleaner for a couple of years now, and I adore the smell! It makes our home feel like a French country retreat, and I love that it’s multi-purpose. I dilute it in a spray bottle for surfaces, and use it in with my mop for the floors.

3: Have a simple nighttime routine that will make early mornings smoother

Easy Make Ahead School Lunch Idea

After the kiddies go to bed, do a few easy things that will make the morning more pleasant like pre-packing school lunches, planning breakfast, singing school papers, and finishing any tidying that needs to be done.

4: Add things to your online/paper calendar immediately so that you don’t forget them later

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Oh, I am so guilty of forgetting so many things in my calendar! There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve dropped the ball on an important event and embarrassed myself. One thing that I’ve learned that keeps me in line is writing things down in my calendar as soon as I get the invite! I use Google Calendar to keep track of our family’s (and my blog’s) events, but whether you have an online or paper agenda, the important thing is to write things down immediately. This will save you so much grief in the future and keep your home running calmly and smoothly.

5: Donate / dispose of / recycle as many items (or more) as you bring into your home to conquer clutter

Black & white Fall kitchen decor

Clutter can make you feel stressed and busy. Removing as much as you bring in to your home will help keep your house clutter-free and clean. I’m prone to holding on to things a bit too long, but lately I’ve realized that I need to get rid of more things to help keep our home neat & tidy. Donate items to your favourite thrift store, sell them, or recycle them as needed. Trying to get rid of the same amount of stuff as you bring in to your home is a great way to stay on top of the clutter.

Ready for some more cleaning motivation? Watch the video below as I clean our home for a Fall gathering:

Tell me: How do you create a sense of calm in your home? Is there a scent that helps you feel calm?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pine-Sol. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.


  1. I would not have believed how relaxing it was to watch someone else clean! I’m thinking that as well as essential oils, I’m going to play chilled music like that next time I’m cleaning. I would normally either clean in silence or play something really upbeat, but I loved that relaxed vibe!

  2. Hi, Christina! This is an amazing article! Those tips are amazing and it really doesn`t take a lot of effort to keep your home in order if you do it regularly. I was wondering, how you decide what to get rid of from the house, besides daily things?

  3. My mom finds it so hard to get rid of some things especially those who are not needed anymore, that’s why our kitchen looks like a garage sale! I will tell my mom about this article and convince her that getting rid of unnecessary things will make our home much calmer. Thanks for this article 🙂

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