5 Home Decor Essentials You Need

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If you love decorating your home like I do, starting with a base of timeless decor essentials will serve you well year after year. You’ll use these 5 things over and over again, and they’ll never go out of style. You can spend a lot or a little on them depending on your budget, but if you invest a little extra money into these decorating essentials, they should last you a very long time! Here are 5 basic decor items I think every home decorator should own:

1: Simple White Dinnerware

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White dishes are a great base for any table setting, and they’re timeless and classic. I purchased a few sets of white Corelle plates, bowls and mugs a few years ago and use them all the time! I’m sure they’ll last us for a very long time, and I used them in almost all of my table settings no matter the season.

2: White Linen Napkins

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Speaking of table settings, white linen napkins are another timeless element that work well in almost any tablescape. I made mine several years ago (find that tutorial here), and use them a lot. Linen is a very elegant fabric, it washes well, and I love that it’s natural and feels so rich. Click here for my DIY linen napkin tutorial.

3: White Bath & Hand Towels

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Moving on to the bathrooms, you can never go wrong by investing in a soft set of white bath and hand towels. Like white dinnerware and napkins, white towels will never go out of style PLUS they’re easy to clean because you can bleach them.

4: White Linen or Cotton Drapes

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I’ve loved simple white drapes for as long as I can remember, and I pull them out all the time. They’re especially beautiful in the Spring and Summer months to lighten up a room, but they also look good mixed with cozier textiles in the Fall and Winter. Making or purchasing them in a natural fabric like linen or cotton makes them look rich. Use linen drapes if you want something more substantial or cotton ones if you want a breezier look.

5: White Sheets

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Do you notice a “white” theme here? I love having all of these white basics even though I’m a huge colour lover. White is easy to use as a base layer – I love adding patterned accents to my white decor essentials for a fun look! White bed sheets are no different. A good quality sheet set will last you for a very long time, and I love white sheets because they’re easy to keep clean (you can bleach them or wash them on a super hot setting, like white towels) and they’re such a soft and restful colour.

These 5 items are a great base to build on for any home decor scheme – they’re timeless, easy to customize, and a wonderful investment.

Watch this video to learn more about my top 5 home decorating essentials:

Now tell me: What home decor items do YOU consider must-haves?

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  1. I love all your posts. I saw your white plates with the dots around the rim while watching your youtube video a few months ago, and am wondering where you got them from? Thanks for everything you do, I love all your decor ideas and style!

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