We got it already. Did you? I’m talking about the lovely friend that visits us every single September when the kids start school: the ever-beloved back-to-school cold. It’s one of those inevitable things that happens every year when my girls enter the little germ factory we commonly know as school. It’s difficult for school-aged kids to avoid getting colds completely, but there are a few things that we mamas can do when our kids are hit by bugs. Here are my top 5 ways to deal when my girls get their back-to-school colds.

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo


When your child gets their back-to-school cold, make sure they stay hydrated throughout the day. Fill up a water bottle for them to keep beside them at home, and when they start feeling better enough to go out, pop one in your bag too. In my bag when my kids are battling their Fall colds? Extra scarves and blankets, bottles of water, Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes. My girls love how soft Boogie Wipes are on their little noses!

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo

Hand Washing

For cold prevention and to prevent sickness from spreading throughout our entire family of five, we try really hard to encourage our kids to wash their hands often throughout the day. Put hand soap and a stool not only in the bathroom, but also at the kitchen sink for easy access. Explain how hand-washing works to your child, how long to do it, and praise them when they’re done.

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo

A yummy-smelling soap in a fun colour like Kandoo‘s hand soap in Magic Melon will give your kids extra incentive to clean.

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo


One of the most important things to encourage your child to do when they’re sick is to take a break and rest. I know this can be a challenge when you have a toddler that loves to bounce around, but explain to them that their body needs to get better and that resting will help them feel more normal soon. Give them their cuddliest blanket, play some soothing music, turn on a humidifier, and help them relax.

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo

Clearing Noses

Showing your child how to blow their nose and reminding them to do it often is a great way to help them feel comfier while they’re sick. It took me a long time to teach my girls how to blow OUT instead of IN, but now that the bigger ones know how, they feel so much better! For the little ones, use a saline mist like Boogie Mist to help clean their little noses, and keep a humidifier in their room.

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo


There’s nothing like hugs and cuddles to make a little one feel better. When your kid’s sick with their annual back-to-school cold, don’t forget to give them lots of extra attention and care to help them heal. Your child may even feel scared or worried when they’re sick, so staying close by and helping them deal with their sickness will help them feel more at ease. You could let your child nap on the sofa instead of alone in their room, and don’t forget to read them lots of stories as you snuggle!

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Happy back-to-school time, mamas!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kandoo. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.