5 Ways to Make Cheap Decor Look Expensive

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I don’t think you have to spend a ton of money to make your home look luxe and beautiful. Let me share with you my 5 favourite tips on how to make inexpensive home decor look expensive and put-together!

How to make cheap decor look expensive

1: Buy and display multiples of the same item

Creating a curated collection of multiple inexpensive decor items can look beautiful and make a bold statement. I like to buy multiples of things like candles, dishware and florals and display them all together for the biggest impact.

DIY Outdoor Furniture - How to make a sofa from 2x4s
A cheap, DIY outdoor sofa styled with colourful cushions

2: Use stylists’ decorating tricks to make your inexpensive furniture look luxe

Knowing colour, texture and pattern combos that are pleasing to the eye and how to style things like sofas and shelves will help make your cheap decor look designer quality. You can reference some of my favourite tricks here: how to style a sofa, how to style a bookshelf, & how to use colour in home decor.

3: Combine high-end and low-end pieces

You don’t have to decorate your home with all expensive or all inexpensive items. Combine cheaper things with more expensive, investment pieces to create a space that’s uniquely yours and kind to your budget. You might want to spend more on a high quality couch that’s timeless and neutral, and then purchase more trendy accessories for a lower price. I also like to mix things together like real and faux florals to create the illusion of luxury for much less cost.

French market inspired porch warming party idea in black, white and pink
My cheap dropcloth porch drapes are embellished with black ribbon

4: Embellish your decor

Tackling your cheaper decor items with a glue gun or sewing machine and adding things like trim, tassels and ribbon to them can make them look higher end. For example, you could add some pom-pom or tassel trim to the edge of a plain white drape to make it look extra chic!

5: Use paint

This is my favourite trick! Paint can instantly update almost anything, and make it look beautiful and new. Use paint to tackle garage sale or thrift store furniture finds like side tables, wooden chairs and screens, and use spray paint to instantly update smaller items like candle sticks and baskets.

These 5 tricks will help you make your inexpensive home decor items look like they came straight from a designer. Have you used any of these tricks? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Watch my video below on how to make cheap decor look expensive:


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    1. This is a supreme guide to use your cheap things in an effective way to show them unique and quality things. this article helped me a lot in using my old chair and sofas in a new creative way. thank for sharing this post.

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