You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree this year. Learn 5 ways to make your Christmas tree look amazing on a budget – I’ve decorated this tree using only Dollar Tree finds!

5 Ways to make your Christmas Tree look amazing on a budget

This year, I decided to challenge myself by using only dollar store decorations to create a Christmas tree in my studio. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I love that it looks beautiful on a budget!

Watch my YouTube video to see how I’ve decorated this Christmas tree, and then read my tips below on how to make a tree look amazing on a budget:

5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Tree Look Amazing on a Budget

1: Use a careful palette of colours

Before you purchase or collect the lights, ribbon, ornaments and floral picks for your tree, nail down the colour palette you want to use for your Christmas tree decorations. You can check out my blog post & video about combining colours to help you find a palette that looks fabulous. I find that sticking to a combo of one or two colours for a Christmas tree give is an elegant look, and using more makes it look more eclectic. For this tree, I used a simple, monochromatic palette of white and gold.

5 Ways to make your Christmas Tree look amazing on a budget

2: Use a couple sizes of lights

If you’re adding string lights to your tree, consider adding a couple of strings of small LED lights, and then winding through a string of larger globe lights for interest. For this tree, I only used 200 string lights to save some money, and then wound one string of 50 large globe lights through the tree to create a beautiful effect and add a ton of sparkle!

3: Apply ribbon like a pro

I think ribbon looped gently throughout a Christmas tree – even Dollar Tree mesh like I used here – makes the tree look lush and gorgeous. You can check out my Christmas tree ribbon tutorial right here to learn my easy method that will make your ribbon look lovely.

5 Ways to make your Christmas Tree look amazing on a budget

4: Get multiple sizes of ornaments

A various collection of different sizes, textures and shapes of ornaments will make your tree look interesting and layered. Get Christmas ball ornaments in large, medium and small sizes and a variety of other ornaments in your colour scheme with irregular textures and shapes for added interest. You can start by putting your large ornaments on the tree first, and then working your way to the smallest ornaments, spacing them evenly throughout the tree.

5 Ways to make your Christmas Tree look amazing on a budget

5: Add floral picks

Floral picks from stores like the Dollar Tree or Michaels will add texture and body to your Christmas tree. For this tree, I only used a few glittery gold and pine cone picks from the Dollar Tree to add a little oomph. You can simply bury them in the branches, point them up or down depending on your preference, and enjoy the added fullness!

I hope you found these simple tips helpful as you decorate your own Christmas tree this year! Whether you’re using Dollar Tree ornaments or expensive heirlooms, you can make a tree look gorgeous with any budget.

Now tell me: What are your favourite Christmas tree decorating tricks?