7 Travel Hacks to make your trip go smoothly

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After traveling more this year than I ever have, I’ve come up with some little tricks and hacks to make flying and traveling so much easier! Let me share some of my favourite travel hacks for 2019 with you today, plus one bonus tip and an incredible cruise giveaway just for my readers from AMA Travel!

Clever travel hacks for 2019!

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Here are my favourite ways to make traveling a whole lot easier in 2019:

Save money on travel booking with AMA Travel

AMA Travel has been helping Albertans like me book their dream getaways for over 50 years, so with all that experience you can certainly expect great deals to amazing places! It always helps to have an expert on your side. No matter what sort of vacation you’re in the mood for (beach? vibrant city? adventure?) —AMA Travel will get you there.

Clever travel hacks for 2019!

Bring pillowcase for dirty clothes

I hate mixing my clean clothes with my dirty clothes in my suitcase when I travel, so tucking a pillowcase inside of my luggage acts as a simple laundry bag for all of my dirty clothing. It’s easy to transport and easy to wash!

Clever travel hacks for 2019!

Bring an empty water bottle to the airport

I always get to thirsty walking through the airport and flying. Instead of buying plastic water bottles, you can bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on or purse, and fill it up with water after you go through security.

Clever travel hacks for 2019!

Pack a DIY dryer sheet for fresh smelling clothes

There are lots of different ways to make DIY dryer sheets, but one simple way is to drop a few drops of your favourite essential oil on some 6 x 6″ scraps of cotton fabric. Then, you can slip these into your suitcase before you take off to make your clothing and accessories smell fresh for your whole trip.

Clever travel hacks for 2019!

Use glasses cases to organize jewelry and other small items

Small things like necklaces, earrings, watches and headphones can easily get tangled and lost in a suitcase. I love using my old glasses cases to protect and store my necklaces while I travel. I pop them inside the hard case, and it’s small and easy to travel with either in my carry-on luggage or my purse.

Clever travel hacks for 2019!

Download music and movies to your phone for the flight

Sometimes flights won’t have TVs, or you have to pay extra to get WiFi or movies. By downloading your favourite shows & music before you leave to your phone or other mobile device, you’ll always have inexpensive entertainment on the go. We downloaded things to our girls’ tablets for our flights this year, and it was a lifesaver!

And a bonus tip right from AMA Travel:

See more places with less travel time on a cruise!

Both driving and airline travel can take up hours and hours of your vacation time. One great way to skip that and see more places in one vacay? A cruise!

With lengths anywhere from a few days to over a week, you can a variety of port cities and take part in tons of activities with your family. Carnival Cruises sails to many destinations with a lot of different activities for any personality and wishlist. If booking a family cruise sounds daunting to you, make sure to ask your AMA Travel agent to help you and make the whole experience a breeze!  Their 49 cruise specialists have sailed the world, know all the best places to go, and will match you to the perfect trip. 

Now it’s time for a giveaway from AMA Travel just for you!

If you live in Alberta and want to get away on a cruise before November 30th, this is such an exciting opportunity. Simply click right here to enter the giveaway on my Instagram post before September 20th, and you’ll be entering to win:

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This would be an amazing getaway for your family, or just for you and your significant other! A cruise is great for all ages – there are tons of fun amenities and things to do, plus you get to see many destinations & you only have to unpack once!

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Clever travel hacks for 2019!


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