9 Fave Free Healthy Mommy Apps for Body, Mind & Spirit by The DIY Mommy - my personal favourites that I use almost every day!

On the first week of January this year, I started a “Healthy Mommy Challenge” striving to increase the amount of physical activity I get in a week. I also wanted to lower my intake of processed sugars and flour and eat more raw veggies and fruits.

You know what? I’m doing better than I was in 2012. I’m not doing as well as I would like to do, but I try to go to bed each night with the thought that tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to start fresh again.

I have definitely upped the amount of cardio activity I get in a day with my girls (hooray for slightly warmer winter days the past couple of weeks!), but I’ve only managed one (maybe two) days of strength training. I am going to work on that.

Do you want to know what has really helped me lately on my Healthy Mommy Challenge? It’s a handful of applications I have on my smart phone (it’s an HTC Android). As a busy mama, I rely on this thing for everything and it’s easy to check in with when I’m juggling the kids.

Let me share with you my 9 most favourite essential smart phone apps that I use almost every day to help keep my body, mind and spirit getting on the path to healthy:

  1. Lose it! by FitNow Inc. This is a handy app if you’re wanting to easily keep track of calorie count and exercise. You can access it online or via this great phone app. It has a huge food database, and you can post to social media if you want the accountability of friends to help you stay on track with your diet and exercise goals.
  2. ToDo Today for TeuxDeux. I am an agressive list-maker. If something doesn’t make it to my list, I’ll forget it. This is a very simple app that helps me keep a running list of all of my “to-do’s”. You can even set the items on certain days. When something’s done, you mark it as complete and it’s deleted. Easy!
  3. Daily Cardio Workout FREE. I love this line of apps. This one is a 5-10 minute cardio routine that’s simple and easy to follow. It’s actual videos of real people doing the exercises, and the short routine makes it feasible to do when the kids are up and at ’em.
  4. Pinterest. I can’t get enough of browsing Pinterest on my phone. I thought I could get away with listing this one as a “healthy mind” app because it is chock full of inspiring images and ideas that keep my creative juices flowing! I browse pictures of home decor, DIY, family food recipes, and I also pin a lot of my own tutorials and posts – it’s a blast.
  5. Workout Trainer by Skimble Inc. This app is great because it can setup a nice little workout plan for you over the course of a few weeks (or more). I’ve only used the free routines so far, but for a little bit of cash it looks like there’s some more advanced plans to try too. It can send you reminders on your phone when you’re due for a workout!
  6. Dictionary.com. OK, don’t laugh. I’m a word-a-holic and I like to work on my “brain health” by reading the dictionary from time to time. Sometimes I think I’ve written or said a word completely out of context, and having this app on my phone is a quick way for me to double check if I’m sounding smart or insane.
  7. Daily Ab Workout FREE. This is another app that’s a 5-10 minute workout, but it’s all abdominal exercises. It’s fantastic because it’s also short but sweet, and the videos are easy to follow. It’s another one that’s do-able when the kids are awake and pulling at your shirt sleeves.
  8. YouVersion Bible App.  For spiritual health, I’m making a goal of reading my Bible more often. This app is so amazing because not only can you browse your Bible quickly and easily, but it comes with some great devotionals you can do each day.
  9. Weight Watchers Canada Mobile. Weight Watchers seems to work well for me as an eating plan (I think the points system keeps it simple, which I like). This is a nice app that helps me log things on the go if I’m following the WW plan.

What are your favourite apps that help you create or maintain a healthy lifestyle?