In a feeble attempt to start organizing my home, I started sifting through Little C’s bins of artwork we have stuffed in various places throughout our garage house. I adore every little bit of art she creates, be it a sheep made out of cotton balls or her first ever “people” that looked like potatoes on stilts.

I had no choice but to put many pieces in the recycling bin – one can only keep so much paper! Imagine keeping every piece of art your child makes for their whole lives? You’d have a houseful! I’ve been researching creative ideas on how to store and display children’s art, and there are so many wonderful ideas out there. Here are some of my favourites; I hope you find them inspiring too!

9 Favourite Ways to Store and Display Kids' Artwork - The DIY Mommy

  1. Clipboard Art Display from Clean & Scentisible
  2. Children’s Drawings as Art (Rod & Clip Display) from The Style Files
  3. Mailing Tubes as Art Storage from Martha Stewart
  4. Kid’s Artwork Scrapbook from Glass Half Full
  5. Framed Children’s Art in a Bedroom from Velvet & Linen
  6. Art on a Duvet Cover from A Thousand Words
  7. Art Collage in a Big Frame from Decor8
  8. Kid’s Artwork on Upcycled Cabinet Doors from I Heart Organizing
  9. Artwork and Photo Displays from A Thousand Words

Do you keep your children’s artwork? How do you display or store it?