A Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel

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This is the time of year where we start longing for Spring to come, especially here in Alberta, Canada where the snow is still up to our knees. Our kids do love the snow and all of the fun that comes with it (and I mostly enjoy its beauty), but we’re definitely ready for milder temperatures so that we can play outside moreΒ (cabin fever, anyone?). In faith that Spring will indeed come soon, I’ve decorated our mantel with fresh and faux florals and greenery. It’s instantly brightened up our living room, and the sight of blooms makes me hopeful that Spring is just around the corner. Come take a mini tour of our fresh, floral Spring mantel decor, and make sure to visit the bottom of this blog post to see several more beautiful Spring mantel decor ideas from my blogging friends!

Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea

For our mantel decor this season, I’ve kept my beloved DIY wooden clock as the main focal point in the center. To make it more Springy, I simply took off the clock hands (I’ve only been using the clock decoratively anyhow), and hung a faux boxwood wreath over it with some rustic webbing.

Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea

Simple white lanterns on either side of the clock look outdoors-y and bright for Spring, while two faux boxwood plants in white containers on either end of the mantel anchor the look.

TIP: Decorating your mantel with a triangle shape in mind will always make it look great! Use a large piece in the middle, two smaller items on each side, and fill in the spaces betweenΒ with items that go from larger in the center to smaller on the outside.

Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea

I know they’re probably a little passe now, but I couldn’t help but add in my dear old blue mason jars with fresh pink tulips to the decor. Don’t they look so happy here?

TIP: You could also use fake tulips instead – just keep water in the mason jars to give them more of a realistic look.

Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea

A vase of beautiful and wild looking tulips by a reading chair topped with a DIY floral pillow adds to this fresh, floral fireside look (say THAT ten times fast!).

Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea

Since it’s still cold here (BOO!), I’ve continued to enjoy using Duraflame firelogs in our fireplace to make our living room instantly cozy. In about 3 seconds, I can have a beautiful fire roaring in our fireplace that’s both warm and safe (Duraflame firelogs burn 80% cleaner than a typical wood fire) for me an my kids.

Fresh, Floral Spring Mantel Decor Idea

My fresh, floral mantel is all ready for the new season… now we just need the warmer weather. We’re ready for you, Spring!

Want more Spring mantel decor inspiration? Check out my blogging friends’ mantels right here:

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    1. Thank you, Morgan! We’re so happy you enjoy that pop of colour as much as Christina does. πŸ™‚

  1. The wreath over the old clock is the perfect touch for a Spring mantle! Plus, those blue mason jars look great, too! Hoping the snow melts soon πŸ™‚

    1. Fingers crossed the snow starts melting, sooner than later. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Sarah for the sweet comments.

  2. Your fireplace is stunning in and of itself and I just love how you have it decorated! The mason jars with tulips are my favorite touch! Pinning!

  3. Your mantel is so pretty! The clock is gorgeous and the wreath really pops against it! I love the pops of blue and was so happy to see you had a basket of duraflame logs by the fire! That is all I ever use as I can never get a good fire going with real logs πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Michelle so the sweet comment:) The Duraflame logs really are a life saver!

  4. I love how you added the boxwood wreath over the clock, and how you incorporated so many soft colors! It is really beautiful and inviting!

    1. Thank you, Ashley!! The tulips are that perfect little pop of colour. So happy you think so too!

  5. Your mantel looks beautiful! I love all of your fresh tulips – they are one of my favorite flowers and a classic sign of Spring in my mind πŸ™‚

  6. Love your spring mantel, and the rest of your spring decor that I saw today! It’s even nicer in person than in the photos!

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