A Love Bug Kinder Surprise Valentine – Free Printable #KinderMom

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays to spend with my girls! We love making sweet Valentine’s crafts, baking and giving little gifts to our friends. This year, Little C and I thought it would be fun to give one of our favourite treats – Kinder Surprise eggs – to our friends as Valentines. I made a fun “love bug” printable to dress up the eggs for V-day:

Love Bug Kinder Surprise Valentine - Free Printable!

Would you & your kiddos like to make some too? Here’s the free printable and directions! (With all that was in me, I resisted a typical V-day pun for this project, and went for something a little different. Ever since I saw this tutorial, I’ve been hooked on making gift bags from cardstock or scrapbook paper!)

Love Bug Kinder Surprise Valentine - Free Printable!

Click on the image above to open a PDF of this free Love Bug printable Kinder Surprise egg wrapper and Valentine’s Day treat bag.

Love Bug Kinder Surprise Valentine - Free Printable!


  1. Print out the artwork on cardstock paper (or send it to your local print shop) & cut the wrapper and bag out. You’ll also need some ribbon or string and clear tape.
  2. Turn the bag piece over and fold each side to the middle, as shown. Tape the sides together.
  3. Fold up the bottom of the bag about 2 1/2″ from the bottom.
  4. Open up the bottom fold, as shown, and then press each side down to make two triangle shapes.
  5. Fold the top and bottom pieces down towards the center, as in the picture, and tape to secure.
  6. Fold the bottom down, then fold each side in as shown.
  7. Open up the bag to make its shape.
  8. Wrap a Kinder Surprise egg with the Love Bug wrapper, securing the back with tape.
  9. Tape a piece of ribbon to the two inner sides of the bag to make a handle.

Love Bug Kinder Surprise Valentine - Free Printable!

Pop your Love Bug in your treat bag, and your ready to give a cute Valentine away to a friend! My 5 year old Little C “test drove” one and agreed it was a fun & surprising Valentine treat. Hooray!

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