A Mommy Blogger's Prayer - The DIY Mommy

Dear God,

Help me to choose joy despite circumstances. Let me bring joy to my friends, my children and even people I don’t know through spoken and written words.

Make me a channel of Your peace. Help me to quiet my heart in times of anxiety and bring my requests to You and leave them in Your hands.

Give me patience as I mother my children. Please help me to slow down, to listen and to learn.

Help me to be kind. Only You know the intentions of people’s hearts. Remind me that I am not a judge.

Let me hold fast to what is good in this world – to Your goodness and to the good works of selfless people.

Help me to be faithful in what I’ve been asked to do.

Give me a gentle spirit when I interact with my children, with my friends, and with all people that I’m tempted to be harsh with.

Grant me the self-control I need to do what’s right and to steer clear of things that can cause me to stumble.

Above all, let me speak, write and act in love.


(I apologize for the extreme randomness of this post. I felt led to write it – maybe it only speaks to me, but maybe that there is someone else out there that can identify with this prayer.)