by Sara Rivka/creativejewishmom

I don’t know about you, but the walls in my house are very very bare. Sometimes it’s a nice feeling, and sometimes well, it feels really a bit too bare. My problem is that I just can’t bring myself to put holes in the walls to hang something I don’t absolutely love. That said I realized that my children shouldn’t have to suffer from my own confusion, and how happy it would make them to have a least a little color to look at.

Therein was born the instant art I created  from you guessed it, wrapping paper that I bought at the grocery store!

The wooden frame was a cast-off from someone else and contained a very uninteresting poster. I opened up the frame from the back, and removed the poster which had been mounted to the bristol board (it was old enough that the poster peeled right off). I then cut a piece of wrapping paper about 2 inches smaller all around than the size of the frame opening, attached the wrapping paper to the bristol board with a few pieces of double-sided tape (a glue stick would work too), reinserted it into the frame and voila!

An even easier version of this project would be to use a frame with a pre-cut matte,such that you don’t have to worry about an exact cutting job — the matte covers the edges! Or simply cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit within the entire size of the frame with no border.

I bet you have everything you need to do this simple project, so what are you waiting for? And if you don’t have any frames on hand, so simply and neatly wrap a piece of your cute wrapping paper around a rectangle or square of cardboard, attach a ribbon and hang.

For those of you who happen to be paying attention, you’re right I didn’t even make a hole in the wall for this one, it looks so cute sitting on top of the bookcase, why commit?

Sara Rivka is happy to be blogging and living a creative life from the  countryside of Northern Israel, where she lives with her husband and  five children. She chose spiritual pursuits and a simpler life for her children over a high profile design career in Manhattan, and all that   it entails. In addition to her family, one of her greatest joys is  sharing her love for creativity and crafts with others, and from this desire to help others enhance their lives was born her new blog