Blue-Stripesby Christina Dennis

Liven up a boring cotton onesie with a cute applique design! It’s easy & inexpensive. For this tutorial, I’ve chosen an adorable tie-shape for the applique, but your options are endless! Draw your own designs and use them as a pattern, or use clipart found on your computer or online! Simple shapes work best.


  • cotton onesie (solid colours work best)
  • scrap of fabric large enough for your applique design
  • scrap of “Stitchwichery” or a similar double-sided applique adhesive fabric, same size as fabric scrap
  • small scissors or small rotary cutter
  • paper for pattern
  • clothes iron
  • ball point machine needle


  • Draw or print out your applique shape pattern, making sure it’s size is suitable for the front of your onesie. Cut the fabric & applique adhesive material to a size that will accommodate the applique pattern.
  • Iron one side of the applique adhesive material to the fabric piece, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions (usually the iron needs to be on the lowest setting)
  • Pin applique pattern to fabric & applique adhesive piece. Cut carefully with small scissors or rotary cutter, making sure cuts are straight & even.
  • Remove paper backing from applique piece, pin & adhere to onesie (again, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the applique adhesive)
  • Using a medium-width satin-stitch setting on your machine, carefully stitch the applique to the onesie on the edges of the applique. Use a ball-point needle – this works very well with the knit jersey fabric.
  • Done!