Christina Marie Dennis The DIY Mommy Spring 2018 Pillow Collection
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Shop My New Pillow Collection!

I’m so excited to tell you the news: I’ve just launched a pillow collection!! You can purchase my throw pillows now through my Etsy shop! This idea has been brewing for a long time now, and I’ve finally got all of my samples right, given them a test run, and set up shop. Let me share with you the Spring 2018 Christina Marie Dennis pillow collection!Continue reading

Kids Closet Organization Ideas with free Cricut file for dresser labels
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Kids Closet Organization Ideas (+ Free Cricut File for Dresser Labels!)

Isn’t it THE BEST feeling to purge the contents of a closet, start anew, and get it looking clean and organized again?! That’s what I did last week with Little B’s closet and it felt AMAZING. Admittedly, I had held on to her baby clothes for far too long and her closet was jam packed with things that didn’t even fit her any more. I finally donated some things, organized her closet, and now it looks so good! The best part? Little B can dress herself so much easier now! Let me share with you some ideas on how to organize your own child’s closet, plus a free Cricut project file to print off some adorable dresser labels to help them put away their clothes and get dressed themselves!Continue reading

My DIY Studio, Little White Studio Update
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My DIY Studio Update: A New Workspace!

Aren’t new seasons of life fun and exciting? Sure they can be challenging, but I always love a new adventure, don’t you? That’s how I’m feeling as my parents have moved out of our little guest house and are settling into their new lake house (which I’ll share more of here SOON). We will miss them, but we’re also excited that they’ll have their own home and that I get to convert our guest house into my dream studio space! A couple of weeks ago, I shared my plans for this new studio, and you can find that with a mood board for the cozy farmhouse chic space right here. Today, I want to give you an update on what I’ve done to my studio so far.Continue reading

Mantel Decor Tips
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Mantel Decorating Ideas – How to Style a Mantel 2 Different Ways

Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve decided to dedicate every Wednesday for the next little while to sharing some of my favourite, simple decorating tips. Last week I shared my 5 favourite home decor essential items, and today I want to share another home decorating tip with you: how to decorate a fireplace mantel! Adding seasonal decor to a mantel (or a shelf that serves as a mantel) can instantly make your home feel ready for the season.Continue reading

Cheerful & colourful Farmhouse breakfast nook makeover
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Mood Board: A Cheerful, Colourful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

After converting our front formal sitting room into a dining room last Spring (read about that here), I’ve come to realize that the large formal looking table set in our kitchen now feels redundant. After much thought and some help from my friends at The Brick, I’ve decided to convert our kitchen dining area into a more casual, more cheerful and more cozy farmhouse style breakfast nook. Let me share with you my layout ideas for the space, a mood board, and some DIY projects I have in mind for our colourful farmhouse breakfast nook.Continue reading

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5 Home Decor Essentials You Need

If you love decorating your home like I do, starting with a base of timeless decor essentials will serve you well year after year. You’ll use these 5 things over and over again, and they’ll never go out of style. You can spend a lot or a little on them depending on your budget, but if you invest a little extra money into these decorating essentials, they should last you a very long time! Here are 5 basic decor items I think every home decorator should own:Continue reading

Cute and Healthy Kids Snack Tray Idea with Babybel
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Make a Cute DIY Fruit Tray Snack with Babybel

Just like I love to create beautiful decor, I love to experiment with creating beautiful food ideas! This cute DIY fruit tray featuring Mini Babybel is adorable and fun, but it’s not too difficult to make as a special snack for the kids or even for yourself. Mini cookie cutters and a rainbow variety of fruit make this snack both eye appealing and healthy. Let me show you how easy it is to make this fruit tray snack, and then make sure to head down to the bottom of this post to enter to win a year’s supply of Mini Babybel!Continue reading