It’s hard to believe, but Baby B is a month old today. *Insert soft sobbing here.*

She’s my third baby girl, and I’ve determined to take more time to smell the roses during this newborn stage (or smell the sweet scent of baby skin in this case).

Yes, there are long (LONG!) nights and many days filled with baby poop, spit-up and never ending tiredness, but I’m quickly realizing that this newborn stage does go by fast.

I’m learning to cherish the simple, everyday moments of newborn-ness and linger a little longer there. I cuddle Baby B a little longer after I nurse her. I pat her a little more when she’s snuggled against me in her carrier. I rock her a little slower after a midnight feeding. When she had her first bath at home, I took extra time to stroke her soft skin and hair.

Baby B's First Bath

Baby B’s first bath at home was in our kitchen sink in the late afternoon. Both of the bigger girls watched as I bathed her and Baby B just loved the entire experience!

Baby B's First Bath

Sweet baby toes and chubby baby legs are my favourite.

Baby B's First BathBaby B's First Bath

Despite her initial expression that was a mix of worry and confusion (I can’t help but laugh at this photo!), she settled right into the water within the first few minutes and seemed to relax and enjoy the rest of her bath.

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo and Moisterizing Lotion

We had the opportunity to try Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo and Daily Lotion on Baby B during her first month. My first two girls had very sensitive skin, so I was happy to see that these products were pediatrician recommended and hypoallergenic – soft enough for a newborn’s sensitive skin.

The Wash & Shampoo smelled softly sweet (not too overpowering), and it didn’t seem to dry out B’s skin whatsoever. It lathers nicely and it’s tear-free (which is a must for me for all children’s shampoos).

The Daily Lotion with natural colloidal oatmeal made Baby B’s skin feel soft and not at all greasy after her bath (it’s fast absorbing). I like using it daily at the end of the day after her final diaper change before night time. Combing the lotion with a little baby massage seems to help her calm down before bed. After using the lotion for a couple of weeks, I love how B’s skin looks smooth. I’ve noticed that newborn skin can tend to get dry and flaky in the hands and feet especially, and a daily application of lotion makes this problem disappear!

Thanks, Aveeno, for providing us with some baby-friendly products to sample as I enjoy cherishing the fleeting newborn moments with Baby B.

What are your favourite moments during baby’s first month? What do you find the most difficult?

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