My Bathroom Must-Haves for a Potty Training Toddler

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It’s time. It’s happened. My littlest daughter is now two years old (REALLY?!) and she’s showing signs that she’s ready to learn how to use the potty. It seems like it was just the other day that I was telling you I was expecting our third child, and now she’s not a baby anymore. Baby B’s a toddler and she’s ready to ditch the diapers. Sniff. Now that this day has come, I’m outfitting our newly renovated powder room with all of the potty training essentials that I know will help her – and me – through this big transition.

Toilet training tips & bathroom essentials from a veteran mom of 3

My potty training advice

After toilet training two girls with one girl left to go, I’ve definitely learned a few things about the whole process. My top two potty training tips? WAIT until your child is ready to potty train and RELAX through the process. With my first child, I was so eager to start the whole thing that the day after she turned two, I bought all of the potty-train-your-kid-in-a-day books and got right down to work. My plan completely backfired, and the toilet became an object of contention between Little C and me. Finally, I simply gave up (SO MUCH SCREAMING) and waited until she was almost three. At that point, she expressed a desire to try it herself, I helped her along, and we were both relaxed and happy through the process. (Not sure if your child is ready? I really liked these “6 Signs of Readiness” from Kandoo.)

Toilet training tips & bathroom essentials from a veteran mom of 3
Yes she’s in an Elsa dress, yes it’s filthy, and no I can’t seem to get it off of her to wash it

Getting your washroom ready for potty training

One thing I’ve definitely found helpful as I’ve toilet trained my three daughters is getting our washroom potty training friendly. There are a few things you can add to your bathroom that will encourage your little one to use it more. I like to outfit the bathroom on the main floor for potty training so that it’s easy to get to when my toddler has GOT to go.

Toilet training tips & bathroom essentials from a veteran mom of 3

Here are a few simple things I’d recommend adding to your washroom before you start potty training:

A stool

A stool in a fun pattern or an interesting shape that helps your child reach the sink and have a little fun while they’re doing it is a great addition to your potty training bathroom.

Toilet training tips & bathroom essentials from a veteran mom of 3

Wet wipes

Wet wipes like Kandoo Flushable Wipes make cleaning up after potty time much more pleasant for little ones who are transitioning. Toilet paper might seem scratchy and strange at first. We’re really loving the Kandoo wipes because not only are they soft and flushable, but they’re also biodegradable so that they’re safe on our septic system.

Toilet training tips & bathroom essentials from a veteran mom of 3

Fun hand soap

Foamy hand soap in an exciting colour like this Kandoo Hand Soap (we LOVE the purple Funny Berry one!) makes washing hands a lot more exciting. My girls want to wash their hands all day long when they see this soap by the sink!

Toilet training tips & bathroom essentials from a veteran mom of 3

A toddler potty seat

A smaller toilet seat insert will make your child feel safer and more secure as they sit on the potty. Bonus points if it’s in a fun colour or pattern! I really like the kind that you can attach right to your regular toilet seat and flip up and down. There’s nothing to store on the floor that way.

And that’s it. Really!

I feel like we don’t need to make potty training too much of a big deal for our littles. Simply relax, try to catch their cues, and attempt to make the experience as fun and as enjoyable for them as you can. Try to enjoy it yourself, too! They’re only little once and they’ll get it eventually. There’s no need to get too stressed about the whole process or feel like you both have a deadline to meet.

Need more potty training tips plus some fantastic and free downloadable tools? Check out the Kandoo website!

Happy potty training, mamas!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Kandoo. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. I only recommend companies that I use and love myself.


  1. We started putting our Little M on the potty around 17 months before bath time and when she woke up in the morning when we noticed she was consistently peeing in the bath tub. We started with singing a song to make her wait a little on the potty, but never with the expectation that she was going to go.

    Now that she is 19 months, she goes about half of the time she is on the potty before bed or in the morning, and has her books she likes to read on the potty while waiting. We have a small IKEA stool, and a potty insert. We do need a two-step stool to help her get to the sink.

    What are your thoughts on incentives? We haven’t done much more than praising and clapping and word association when she goes on the potty or goes in her diaper.

    1. Wow! I love your technique. Singing is such a great idea. I’ve personally never found incentives like stickers or other treats that helpful. I think simply making the experience pleasant with praise and singing is effective!

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