Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Last week I was able to go through my 9 year old daughter’s room with a giant garbage bag and a will to organize, and we finally get it clean and tidy. She’s a bit of a pack rat, so lots of things had accumulated in her room and it was time to do a giant clean and get some better organizational systems in her bedroom. Here are some of the improvements we made to Little C’s bedroom and some ideas on beautiful yet practical organization systems for kids bedrooms!

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

If you want to see the “before” of her room, check out the video at the end of this post. Here’s how it looks after we cleaned and organized it.

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

One thing her room lacked was a good place for all of the books she’s starting to collect. I took an inexpensive cube shelf and put some wallpaper onto the back to give it some extra pizzazz.

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

To help tie the wallpaper in (this one’s from Anthropologie), I also put some of it on her headboard. I love the look!

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

Another spot for the wallpaper? I lined the drawers of a plastic organizer tower with it. This is a great little spot for lego and small toys that tend to look messy.

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

The corner of Little C’s bedroom by her door is a great spot for all sorts of items. We have an art board that I made from a picture frame, lace trim and clothespins, and I also used the same lace fabric to make a simple hammock for her stuffed animals. I tied the ends of a large rectangular piece of fabric to some Command Hooks, and then secured it to the wall. A wooden cubby I found a few years ago hold more toys and accessories.

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

We also updated C’s light fixture with a capiz shell one we found at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It was a great price, and I love how it looks in this space!

Watch the video below to see all of these practical but pretty DIY kids bedroom organization ideas:

Tell me: What are YOUR favourite ways to organize kids rooms?

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  1. So cute! I like your organization ideas around the door. I should make my girls something like that for their artwork… I never know what to do with it and usually slip it into the recycling bin when they’re not watching. 🙂

    1. It can be hard with all the crafts little ones make. Christina likes to have a little something for them so they can showcase those special crafts.

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