Before and After: A Kitchen Pantry gets an organized DIY Makeover!

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If you have a small walk-in kitchen pantry, this before and after DIY organized pantry makeover will inspire you! My parents upgraded their pantry organization on a budget and the result looks incredible.

Organized kitchen pantry makeover with incredible DIY ideas

When my parents moved into their new build, they finished their kitchen pantry off quickly. They didn’t have the time or budget to add any customization. Here’s how it looked:

There were some simple shelves on the right for food and small appliances storage, and a few hooks on the left for cleaning tools. It functioned alright, buy my mom knew the space could be organized better to maximize the wall area and offer even more storage.

After purchasing a few inexpensive supplies like shelving, shelf brackets and plywood, and getting to work on some DIYs, my mom and dad completely customized their walk-in pantry:

Organized kitchen pantry makeover with incredible DIY ideas

This organized kitchen pantry now has custom drawers on the bottom, shelves all the way around, and room for food, pots, pans, appliances and more.

Organized kitchen pantry makeover with incredible DIY ideas

Not only does the pantry look amazing, but it functions so well too. The drawers are easy to pull out, and simple dollar store baskets on the upper shelves conceal other items. There’s even enough room for a coffee station!

No space is unused, including the corners of the pantry. The shelves there house less-used appliances and servingware.

Watch my YouTube video to see how this organized pantry was created:

This DIY organized pantry makeover cost under $450 dollars because my parents made all of the drawers by hand and used inexpensive home improvement store and IKEA materials.

What do you think of Mom’s new pantry look?!

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  1. Loved it and I have shelves in our storage area but really like the look of your built ins, we also store our Christmas Tree in there so I need to see if I can design around that. I also love the narrow shelves for can goods on the opposite side..
    Thanks for your videos they are very inspiring.

  2. The whole pantry is really amazing! There’s lots to love, but what I really admired was the bigger drawer holding the flours, sugars, etc that swung out and away for ease of using. Looked like it might have been on casters? I love the combination of wood and white as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pantry, but you’ve given great inspiration should I ever get one. Well done!
    (I can see you come by your talents naturally) 🙂

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