20 Best Travel Trailer & RV Decorating Ideas (Easy to Do!)

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I’ve been a travel trailer owner for several years now, and one of my favourite things is making my RV feel like home. Here are my favourite travel trailer decorating ideas that I’ve used over the years. I hope they inspire you to decorate your rig too!

When we dragged home our first Facebook Marketplace camper in 2017, I was hooked. It was a 1992 Vanguard fifth wheel in rough shape, but I was determined to make it look better and more like home. Our family has always loved road trips and camping, and a travel trailer was a great way to help us enjoy it even more.

I renovated that first RV, and then our family outgrew it, sold it and bought a second used travel trailer. This one is a 2007 Jayco fifth wheel with a bunk room, and I gave it a complete makeover a couple of years ago. Our RVs have been my favourite purchase. We’ve made so many memories while traveling together!

In this post, I’m going to focus on the simple decorating ideas that you can use to make your travel trailer look and feel cozy. If you’re looking for more advanced renovation ideas, you can head to this post. However, whether you want to paint the whole thing or not, these decorating tricks will make your RV more welcoming. I love that they’ve made my rigs feel more like a tiny home than a trailer, and all of these RV decor tricks are budget friendly and easy.

Our DIY Camper - Gorgeous, renovated RV tour with DIY paint job, vinyl plank flooring, reupholstered cushions, new hardware, updated lighting

Add a Pop of Color

One easy way to make your RV feel more lively is by incorporating pops of color throughout your space. Swap out dated throw cushions for ones with more current patterns, add a colorful area rug, or add a cozy throw blanket to make your living space feel brighter and more welcoming. Just like home interiors, I like to keep the main furniture in my RV neutral and bring the colour in with accent pieces.

In our first rig, I went for a navy blue, black and white theme. I found some beautiful fabrics in shades of blue and made some DIY throw pillows for the space. I also added a throw blanket and artwork to match.

In our current fifth wheel, I decided on more of a vintage theme in pastel pinks and greens. In incorporated the colours through the cabinet paint, artwork, and accent chairs.

Bring in Natural Elements

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside by decorating with natural elements like wood, plants, and woven baskets. These earthy accents will help create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your RV.

In our latest fifth wheel renovation, I added some woven baskets I found at Walmart to the nook beneath our coffee station area. I love how the rough texture of the baskets contrasts nicely to the smooth texture of the countertop and cabinetry.

DIY RV makeover in white, pink, mint green and gold with modern & vintage glam accents.

Hang Some Art

Adding some art to your walls is a simple and effective way to personalize your space. Choose pieces that speak to your personal tastes, or opt for wall art that celebrates your love of travel and adventure. Adding wall decor is also a great way to tie into the colour scheme that you’ve chosen for your rig. In our latest RV, I chose some art that incorporated mint green, pink and gold colours to tie all of those colours together.

To hang the art, you can either use short wood screws or Command Picture Hanging Strips. I’ve found either to be effective. If you use screws, you may want to remove your art from the walls before you travel so the art doesn’t sway and fall. If using Command strips, I recommend using at least one on all sides of your art frame so that the frame is extra secure on the wall while moving.

Adorable Camper Sweet Camper FREE printable art!

Light it Up

Good lighting is key in any space, and your RV is no exception. Replacing harsh overhead lighting with softer, warm-toned light fixtures or adding some twinkly string lights can go a long way in making your RV feel more cozy and inviting.

And did you know that you can quite easily swap light fixtures in a camper? The only difference is that you need to get a special 12V bulb for the RV that works with its electrical system. Here are the bulbs I’ve used in our travel trailers.

Get Organized

Clutter can quickly make your RV feel cramped and overwhelming. Investing in some collapsible storage bins, hanging organizers, and hanging bags can help you make the most of your space while keeping everything in its place.

In the tiny bathroom of our RV, I used some rope bags from IKEA to hang things like extra toilet paper and bathroom essentials from the hooks on the wall. Baskets and bins in our kitchen cupboards help us organize our food, and we also use the baskets underneath our coffee station often.

A dated RV bunk room is transformed into a pink & floral oasis for three girls.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders in small spaces like RVs, reflecting light and making your space feel larger than it really is. Consider adding a full-length mirror to your bedroom or bathroom to help brighten and expand those areas.

In our kids bunk room, I added a small round mirror in the nook above their cabinet. This way, they can get ready for the morning without having to walk to the bathroom.

DIY RV makeover in white, pink, mint green and gold with modern & vintage glam accents.

Choose Space-Saving Furniture

Opt for furniture that is specifically designed for small spaces, like a fold-out table or a pull-down bed. These can help you make the most of your space and keep your RV feeling open and spacious. In our latest camper renovation, I found this apartment sized fold down couch that was the perfect size and style for our space.

Ensure that you measure out your space before purchasing any new furniture for your travel trailer. Always make sure that the new furniture will fit in the space, leaving room to walk around it.

Install Wallpaper

One of my favourite materials to use in an RV is anything peel & stick… that includes peel & stick wallpaper! These products are essentially like giant vinyl stickers you can apply on the counter or on the wall. Installing wallpaper is a fun way to create a vibrant feature wall, or you can even get textured peel & stick tile to make a new backsplash in the kitchen area.

I’ve had success installing peel & stick products in my RV as long as I prime the surface first with a good bonding primer. That seems to be key to keep the wallpaper from peeling off the wall in the temperature fluctuations that travel trailers experience. I recently installed some lovely peel & stick wallpaper to the back wall of our RV bathroom and I love how it adds a little personality to the tiny space!

Get Creative with Storage

Think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions in your RV. There usually not a ton of storage space in a camper, so being creative is key. Hang baskets from the ceiling, use the back of doors for additional storage, and get creative with under-bed storage solutions. I’m a huge fan of installing as many wall hooks as possible in a camper or travel trailer. You can usually mount them to the wall using short wood screws, and I buy most of my hooks from Amazon. These are my favourite modern black wall hooks.

If you’re concerned about screwing into the wall of your RV, you can opt for Command Hooks that adhere to the walls instead.

Create a Coffee Nook

Create a dedicated coffee nook by adding your coffee machine, favourite syrups and mugs to a counter corner in your RV. You can secure it all down with museum gel for travel, or you can choose to store it all away before you roll out.

Because our RV didn’t have enough counter space in the kitchen for a coffee area, I created one using the entertainment unit. I removed the doors on the unit, moved a shelf up to counter height, and added my coffee maker and some favourite coffee accessories. We use this nook ALL THE TIME when we’re camping – for coffee, fancy drinks, and hot chocolate.

Our DIY Camper - Gorgeous, renovated RV tour with DIY paint job, vinyl plank flooring, reupholstered cushions, new hardware, updated lighting

Use Pretty Dinnerware

There are so many beautiful, durable dinnerware options out there for RVs. Choosing plates, cups, and bowls in fun colours and patterns is an easy way to make your camper feel more like home. Choose plastic or metal pieces that won’t break in your cupboards while you’re traveling. My favourite source for items like this is HomeSense; they have lots of great pieces in the Spring and the Summer.

Hang Curtains

Swapping out plain blinds for colorful or patterned curtains can add some personality and flair to your RV’s interior. Plus, they can help you control the amount of sunlight and privacy in your space. Many travel trailers have dated looking blinds and window cornices. I’ve removed them in both of our RVs, and replaced them with either black-out shades or curtain rods and curtains. Window treatments make a huge difference in how dated your camper can look. I’ve had no issues with mounting curtain rods to RV walls using short wood screws. For curtains, I simply hem IKEA curtains to the length I want. In an RV bedroom, you may want to consider adding black-out shades for privacy and darkness.

Swapping out the shower curtain in your travel trailer can also make a huge difference. In our latest RV, I found a pretty textured shower curtain at HomeSense and installed it in the tiny bathroom. It looks so much better now!

A dated RV bunk room is transformed into a pink & floral oasis for three girls.

Make Your Bed

Taking the time to make your bed each morning can instantly make your RV feel more tidy and put-together. Invest in some quality bedding and fluffy pillows for the ultimate cozy setup.

We like to use or bedding from home when we travel, but I have a few special throw pillows in our camper that we use to accent our beds. We keep the bedding simple so that it’s easy for us to quickly make our beds before we go out & explore for the day.

Renovated RV Tour | Our DIY Camper | The DIY Mommy

Add Some Texture

Incorporating different textures like plush pillows, cozy blankets, or woven throw rugs can add some depth and interest to your space. Plus, they’ll make your RV feel more comfortable and inviting.

I like to add at least 3 different textures in any interior space, and here are some texture ideas if you’re stuck:

  • something soft
  • shiny
  • fuzzy
  • rough
  • smooth

Decorate with Souvenirs

Special trinkets purchased from places you’ve traveled to can make fun & meaningful decor. We collect magnets from all of the places we visit in our RV, and we’ve placed them on our range hood in our camper kitchen. You could use magnets, or even create something unique like a hat wall with hats or headbands purchased during your travels.

Using souvenirs from your past trips is a fun way to reflect on where you’ve been and get excited for your next RV adventure!

Display Your Memories

Hang up photos from your travels or create a gallery wall with postcards from your favorite destinations. Seeing these memories every day will remind you of all the adventures you’ve had and inspire you to keep exploring.

We have so many beautiful photos from our camping and road trip adventures with our girls. I’m working on a collage wall for our RV right now, and I can’t wait to display it.

DIY RV makeover in white, pink, mint green and gold with modern & vintage glam accents.

Freshen Up Your Decor

Swapping out your decor seasonally can help keep your RV feeling fresh and new. Consider switching out your throw pillows, updating your bedding, or adding some seasonal decor to celebrate holidays or special occasions.

I love swapping out a few elements every now and then in our home and in our camper… it’s fun to be creative with thrift store or dollar store items when I’m on a budget.

Add Some Greenery

Plants can help purify the air in your RV and make it feel more alive and vibrant. Choose easy-to-care-for plants that thrive in low-light and don’t require a lot of water or maintenance.

Alternatively, you can opt for faux plants like I do. I know it might sound funny, but even the addition of one faux plant can make your camper feel more homey! I have a little faux fiddle leaf fig in our RV, along with some small faux succulents in our coffee station are.

Don’t Skimp on Comfort

Your RV is your home away from home, so don’t skimp on comfort! Invest in a quality mattress, soft sheets, and cozy blankets to ensure you get a good night’s sleep while on the road. I always swap the mattress out for a new one when I buy used RVs. A good, clean mattress is an essential for me when traveling!

Our family also always brings our own sheets and blankets when we travel in our fifth wheel. Why store all our bedding in the rig when we can simply bring the bedding we all know and love from home?! I’m a sucker for cotton or cotton/linen blend sheets and duvet covers. They feel so luxurious and comfortable!

DIY Your Decor

DIY projects are a great way to personalize your RV and make it truly your own. Whether you’re sewing your own curtains, repainting your cabinets, or building your own storage solutions, adding a touch of DIY can make your RV feel more like a reflection of yourself. I have a ton of DIY ideas for all skill levels right here on my blog!

Whether you choose to incorporate pops of color, bring in natural elements, or get creative with storage solutions, I hope these ideas have given you inspiration to liven up your space without breaking the bank. Happy decorating!

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Here are 20 different ways that you can decorate your travel trailer or RV to make it feel more like home.


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