I’ve JUST started using Periscope, and it’s SO fun! If you haven’t heard of it yet, Periscope is a live video social network that’s connected to Twitter. You can send out a live stream of what you’re doing or talking about RIGHT NOW to your followers, and they can watch it live with you or replay it for up to 24 hours with their Periscope app. You can find me on there if you search “@thediymommy“.

Early this week, I had an idea that it would be fun to chat with my fellow bloggers via live Periscope appointments and talk about ways that we could help our blogs grow this Fall. August is such a good time to prepare your blog for the busy Fall months, and what better way than brain storming with eachother and sharing some quick tips and tricks?

#BlogPrep2015: IDeas to Grow Your Blog this Fall via live chats on Periscope!

I’m calling this series of chats #BlogPrep2015, so if you’re trying to find them on Twitter or Periscope please use that hashtag. My first chat was this past Monday, but I think from now on I’ll schedule them for Tuesday and Thursday evenings in August at 8:30PM MST so that we can get through all of the topics I was hoping to talk about! (Plus, I totally forgot that next Monday just won’t work for me… OOOPS.)

So, please join me on Periscope every Tuesday and Thursday evening this August at 8:30PM MST for #BlogPrep2015: Ideas to Grow YOUR Blog This Fall! I will attempt to archive all of the videos when this series is done on YouTube or elsewhere.

In case you missed the first Scope last Monday, here are the topics I’m hoping to cover:

  1. Blog monetization options
  2. Social media strategies
  3. link parties and blogger groups/hops
  4. pitching to companies
  5. photograpy, video
  6. content calendar ideas

I hope to see you there!