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Do you like to decorate your home with either boho or minimalist inspired furniture and accessories? Come along with me as I shop for both styles at The Brick! I’ll share characteristics to look for for each style, and I hope you’ll get some inspiration along the way.

Boho home decor style

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own.

A little while ago, I published a video and blog post about how to find your decor style with 3 tips and 8 common decorating styles. You can check that out right here to help nail down your personal home decor style! Once you’ve figured out your style (or combo of style!), this series is for you!

I’ve enjoyed partnering with The Brick over the last few weeks to present a Shop Your Style with Me series on YouTube. I’ve taken you along with me as I shopped for furniture and accessories for all of the decor styles that I’ve mentioned in my decorating style video: traditional, modern, farmhouse, Scandinavian, industrial, coastal… and today are the final two styles: boho & minimalist.

LAST WEEK, I shopped for both industrial and coastal decor styles. You can find that trip with tips right here.

Today’s Shop Your Style with Me video is all about finding bohemian and minimalist decor items.

Boho home decor style

Do you have a BOHEMIAN home decor aesthetic?

Look for: rich colours like deep jewel tones, an overabundance of textiles and accessories, global inspired accents, handmade items like wall hangings, pottery and braided rugs, a “more is more” approach to decorating

Minimalist home decor style

Do you have a MINIMALIST home decor aesthetic?

Look for: light colours like white, grey and pastels, empty space, minimal clutter with the use of storage elements, furniture with clean lines, large scale art, a “less is more” approach to decorating

Minimalist home decor style

Now, watch the video below & come along with me as I shop at The Brick for bohemian vs minimalist decor!

Featured in this video:

Accessories will vary by store. Check out what your local Brick store has in stock!



I hope you found this shopping trip helpful as you shop for your own bohemian or minimalist style!

Now tell me: Do you tend to prefer bohemian or minimalist style?

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