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Rustic Christmas mantel with DIY wooden spool clock
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A DIY Wooden Clock + The Importance of Blogging Friends #12MonthsofDIY

This year, I had the pleasure of hosting a monthly challenge called #12MonthsofDIY. Each month, our group of 12 Canadian bloggers each made something out of the same type of material. It was such a wonderful challenge, and not only did it spark my creativity, but it made me realize how important it is to collaborate with my blogging friends. Today, let me share with you a recap of our #12MonthsofDIY challenge, what my favourite project was, and what I’ve learned about collaboration. Also, make sure to scroll down to the end of this post to see all of our favourite projects from the year!Continue reading

Spray painting kitchen knobs is an inexpensive update
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How to Update Your Home on a Budget with Spray Paint #12MonthsofDIY

If you tuned into my blog last week, you’ll know that we’re working on a HUGE project right now: turning our old garage house into a guest house! You can read all about that right here. We don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on this renovation, so I’m busting out all of my favourite DIY tricks. One of my favourite ways to update almost anything on a budget? Spray paint! I love the stuff. It’s so easy to use, and it can make a huge impact on a decor item. This week, I used it to quickly and inexpensively update the hardware and light fixtures in our guest house! Let me show you my spray painting tricks, and make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see 11 more things you can do with spray paint from my blogging friends.Continue reading

Embellish garden planters and watering cans with lace and Mod Podge
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Make Lace Decoupaged Garden Containers #12MonthsofDIY

Mod Podge is such a fun craft medium to work with. Have you ever tried it? My favourite use for Mod Podge is to attach trim or fabric to objects to give them a unique look. Let me show you how to embellish simple garden containers – like a bucket, vase and watering can – with Mod Podge and lace trim. The little addition of lace makes these containers look so beautiful and unique! Also, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how some other bloggers used Mod Podge in this month’s 12 Months of DIY challenge.Continue reading

Thrifted Shabby Chic Gallery Wall and Ruffled Lamp in Blush Pink, White and Gold #12MonthsofDIY
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A Thrifted Shabby Chic Gallery Wall and Lamp Makeover #12MonthsofDIY

Doesn’t it feel good to make someone else’s trash into your own treasure? I love upcycling projects. There’s something so rewarding about reusing items and breathing new life into them. Not only are you being kind to our earth by saving things from the dumpster, but you’re able to get really creative by imagining a new use and look for something! This month, I was able to find a collection of items at our local Value Village that were begging for a makeover and turned them into a pretty shabby chic gallery wall for Little C’s room! I also gave a lovely lamp I found a bit of a feminine makeover, and it also looks really gorgeous in Little C’s room. Let me show you how, and make sure you visit all of the other bloggers at the end of this post to see what they made from their Value Village finds!
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How to make a wall shelf for kids' collectibles out of a cutlery tray
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How to Make a Wall Shelf for Kids’ Collectibles from a Cutlery Tray (+ Little A’s New Nightstand!)

I’ve had another run-in with a cutlery tray and paint, and I have to say that the results of this upcycle are even more fun than the last cutlery tray project I did! Today I’m going to show you how to make a wall shelf for kids’ collectibles from a cutlery tray, plus I want to share Little A’s adorable new nightstand with you. Ready?!Continue reading

How to make a large DIY reclaimed wood clock from an electrical reel
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Make a Giant Reclaimed Wood Clock from an Electrical Reel #12MonthsofDIY

Building a giant wooden clock has been on my DIY wish list for a long time. When I knew “wood” month for our #12MonthsofDIY challenge was coming up, I had the motivation to finally tackle this project! Today I want to share with you how to make a large reclaimed wooden clock from an electrical reel, and make sure to check out the bottom of this post for 11 more wood DIYs from 11 other Canadian bloggers.Continue reading

How to make a covered bulletin board with paint, fabric and brass upholstery tacks.
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Make a Fabric Covered Bulletin Board #12MonthsofDIY

Bulletin boards are such a handy thing to have around the home – especially in a home office! I had a boring old bulletin board in my craft room office that was begging for a makeover. With the help of some gorgeous fabric from, some paint and some brass upholstery tacks, I easily turned it into a beautiful fabric-covered bulletin board that looks like a lovely piece of art on my wall! Here’s how to make your own fabric covered bulletin board. Make sure you scroll down to the end of this post to see 11 more fantastic crafts to make with fabric from my Canadian blogging friends.
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A shabby chic message centre from a chippy old door - read the instructions here on
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Make a Message Centre from an Old Door (+ Win Tickets to See Bryan Baeumler at the Edmonton Renovation Show!)

Next Friday is the start of the Edmonton Renovation Show and I’m excited to be a part of it this year! I created something for the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge Unhinged! presented by Rust-Oleum in support of Habitat for Humanity Northern Alberta. We were asked to make something from an old door we found at the HFH Restore, and I created a DIY message centre. Today, I wanted to share how I made it so that you could make one too, how you can bid on my door creation (with the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity) and how you could win 4 tickets to the Edmonton Renovation Show next weekend PLUS front row seats to hear Bryan Baeumler speak next Friday night!
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