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How to make a chunky crochet heart banner - free pattern and tutorial
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Make a Chunky Crochet Heart Banner

Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite holidays around here! Ever since they were little, my girls loved to decorate for it and celebrate it together as a family. We like to litter hearts everywhere, bake special treats, and my hubby always buys our girls special gifts to express his love for them. It’s the cutest thing EVER! Five years ago, I crocheted an adorable mini hearts banner which I still use to this day. You can find that project here. This year, I thought I’d recreate the banner with extra chunky yarn to give it a whole different look. And you can’t have to many heart banners to decorate with, am I right?! Come learn how to make a sweet chunky heart banner, and then make sure to pop down to the bottom of this post to see 30 more beautiful Valentine’s Day DIY ideas from my Canadian blogging friends!Continue reading