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How to make a fairy garden in a thrifted teacup
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Make a Fairy Garden in a Thrifted Teacup

Every year at about this time, I start to get the itch to garden. I can’t WAIT to get our flower beds all cleaned up for Spring and plant some veggies! Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to make the tiniest, cutest fairy garden in a thrifted teacup. Even though the plants in this little garden aren’t real, it still reminds me that Spring is coming and we can plant real flowers soon! Let me share with you how to make this adorable fairy garden in a thrifted teacup – it would make a fantastic gift or decor item for Spring.Continue reading

How to make DIY mittens out of thrift store sweaters
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Make Mittens from Thrift Store Sweaters

There’s nothing more meaningful than a handmade Christmas gift, and today’s DIY gift idea is no exception. These handmade mittens are extra special because they’re made in a very unique way – from thrift store sweaters! Read on to learn how to make these adorable, upcycled mittens plus learn my trick that keeps them from fraying as you make them. Pair them with some Rocky Mountain Soap Co hand care products and a sparkly ribbon bow, and you have a great gift for someone special!Continue reading

How to make a boho wall hanging from a thrifted doily
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Make a Boho Wall Hanging from a Thrifted Doily (Video)

Happy Spring, my friends! I’m so excited that Spring is officially here. It’s already getting warmer outside, we’re slowly getting the Spring jackets and rubber boots in rotation, and I’m chomping at the bit to start digging in the garden. Even though Spring is a little slower to arrive up here in Alberta, Canada, I like to start making our home feel fresh and Springy inside ASAP. This unique and pretty wall hanging was made from a doily I found at Value Village, and I think it’s so unique and Spring-like. It didn’t take long to make, it only cost me $4, and I love its boho vibe! Let me show you how to make it.Continue reading

Embellish garden planters and watering cans with lace and Mod Podge
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Make Lace Decoupaged Garden Containers #12MonthsofDIY

Mod Podge is such a fun craft medium to work with. Have you ever tried it? My favourite use for Mod Podge is to attach trim or fabric to objects to give them a unique look. Let me show you how to embellish simple garden containers – like a bucket, vase and watering can – with Mod Podge and lace trim. The little addition of lace makes these containers look so beautiful and unique! Also, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how some other bloggers used Mod Podge in this month’s 12 Months of DIY challenge.Continue reading

Thrifted Shabby Chic Gallery Wall and Ruffled Lamp in Blush Pink, White and Gold #12MonthsofDIY
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A Thrifted Shabby Chic Gallery Wall and Lamp Makeover #12MonthsofDIY

Doesn’t it feel good to make someone else’s trash into your own treasure? I love upcycling projects. There’s something so rewarding about reusing items and breathing new life into them. Not only are you being kind to our earth by saving things from the dumpster, but you’re able to get really creative by imagining a new use and look for something! This month, I was able to find a collection of items at our local Value Village that were begging for a makeover and turned them into a pretty shabby chic gallery wall for Little C’s room! I also gave a lovely lamp I found a bit of a feminine makeover, and it also looks really gorgeous in Little C’s room. Let me show you how, and make sure you visit all of the other bloggers at the end of this post to see what they made from their Value Village finds!
Continue reading

How to make a counter top tablet and phone holder and charging station out of a picture frame and some trim
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Make a Counter Top Phone Charging Station & Tablet Holder from a Picture Frame

I have to say that being “forced” to be extra thrifty over the past year or two because of a transition to double-self-employment has been a blessing in disguise. If you and/or your hubby are self employed and just starting out, you might know what I mean. You have to work A LOT, and the cash flow is pretty…. slow. It’s caused me to be extra careful with money and extra creative when it comes to finding solutions for problems. If I can make something new out of things I already have on hand instead of buying items, I’ll totally do it! Enter: this charging station &┬átablet holder that I made for our kitchen counter. I’ve wanted to create something to hold our phones and tablets while they’re charging (or while I’m using one or the other to view a recipe). This corner of our kitchen seems to be the spot where all of our electronics end up so I made a holder that looked pretty on the counter, but it’s still functional.Continue reading

$13 DIY Silver & Black Modern Canvas Art from a Thrifted Painting
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Make Modern Artwork from Thrift Store Canvas Art

Last Tuesday evening, I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours with Baby B to visit the new Value Village in St. Albert. It was HUGE and awesome! I haven’t had the chance to go thrift shopping lately (thrifting with three girls in tow is… interesting), so this was a real treat. There were SO many treasures that I had to hold myself back and only buy the ones I loved the most. For under $100, I left with a cute parka for me (new with tags!), a dress for me, some fabric, some coloured hairspray for the girls, a couple of adorable knick-knacks for our house, and a giant piece of canvas art that I had big plans for.Continue reading