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How to make DIY face wash
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Make DIY Face Wash

A Guest Post by Judith of Juicy Green Mom

DIY beauty is becoming increasingly popular as people discover that conventional beauty products are full of chemicals and toxins. Making your own can be much more cost-effective, and you know exactly what the ingredients are! I like easy DIY beauty recipes where you just pour the ingredients into a bottle and shake – so here’s an easy DIY face wash I’m using now.Continue reading

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9 Favourite DIY Mom Tutorials (From 2009-2014)

We’re celebrating 5 years of The DIY Mommy this month! Have you entered my celebratory giveaway yet worth over $500? Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share with you some of the most popular tutorials on over the last five years. Let’s talk about my most read tutorials for moms/women. Here are the most visited mom tutorials from 2009 to today:Continue reading

How to sew super absorbent DIY nursing pads that actually work! There's a special fabric inner layer.
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Sew Super Absorbent Nursing Pads

With Baby Three coming in three weeks (or less?!), I’m in full prep mode. I still have a relatively long list of things I’d love to make for her, but I’m at least trying to get the essentials finished before she arrives. One of those essentials? Handmade, reusable nursing pads that are SUPER absorbent! I’ve used many kinds of nursing pads in the past from disposable to purchased cotton flannel ones, but I wanted to make some that were the best combination of the ones I’ve tried. I think these will definitely fit the bill!Continue reading

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A Handmade Christmas: More DIY Gifts for Women

Are you joining me in A Handmade Christmas this year? I’m so excited to finally be done my crazy-busy last couple of weeks (due to WeeStock) and ready to get crafting for my family and friends! I love thinking up fun things to make for the special women in my life – and I’m so blessed to have a ton of them. Here are some of my favourite handmade Christmas gift ideas for women that I’ve found online this year. I love them all!Continue reading

How To Add Body to Long, Fine Hair - The DIY Mommy
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How to Add Body to Long, Fine Hair (+ My Favourite Salon… With Childcare!)

I have a horrible, horrible confession to make. As much as I love fashion and beauty, I haven’t been to a hair salon in 20 months. 20 months! That wasn’t a typo.

Between chasing around two rambunctious kiddos and building a house, upkeep on my hair has been one of the last things on my mind. A couple of weeks ago I caught a glimpse of my bedraggled mane in the mirror and gasped (just a little). My hair was Split End City, and there were bits of silvery grey strands poking through at alarming intervals (yes, I’m 30 and I have grey hair… it’s a brunette’s curse).Continue reading

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9 Favourite Easy Updos for Moms

As a busy mom on the go, I find myself stuck completely in a hair style rut.

My hair’s either down, long and straightened, or I flip it up in a silly ponytail-loop concoction.

Here are some gorgeous looking updo tutorials that I’m dying to try. They look simple to do, and I think they’d take this mom-hair to the next level.

9 Favourite DIY Easy Updos for Mom Hair

  1. Easier Than It Looks Updo from The Small Things Blog
  2. The Top Knot
  3. Rope Braid Chignon from The Beauty Department
  4. Three Twisted Buns from A Cup of Joe
  5. Fishtail Braid from Camille Styles
  6. Quick Twist for Med and Short Hair from The Beauty Department
  7. The Simple Gibson Tuck
  8. Pretty Side French Braid Low Updo from Love Meagan
  9. Knot Your Average Pony from The Beauty Department

How do you wear your mom hair? Which of these ‘do’s is your favourite?

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Healthy Mommy Challenge: 3 Month Check-In (I’m losing it… and I don’t mean the weight.)

Cue the violins.

In January, I committed to a Healthy Mommy Challenge for myself. My goal was to have 30 minutes of cardio activity each day, 3 days a week of strength training, and eat healthy “real” foods. Well, guess what? I’m failing with pretty much all of those simple goals.

For whatever reason, I thought that I would somehow be a superwoman through this entire house building process. You told me building a house was a massive job and it would be a strain on every aspect of my life and I laughed. To who – me? No way.

Here we are 34 weeks into the build and we’re headed to the final plate. While there have been a lot of amazingly exciting moments and it’s pushed my creativity to its limits, there have also been many stressful and exhausting moments. It’s hard on a mom – and on a family – to be putting all of your financial, physical and mental resources into building a house.Continue reading