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I Choose Love Free Valentine Printable Artwork, Computer Desktop Wallpaper, iPhone Wallpaper
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I Choose Love Free Valentine Printable Artwork, Desktop Wallpaper & Phone Wallpaper

“Love is patient, love is kind.” You might be familiar with this Bible verse. It’s one of the most popular verses about love there is and it’s often recited at weddings and printed on artwork. We even have this verse hung on a sign in our master bedroom. I adore this verse, and I think it’s such a good reminder about how we need to CHOOSE to love. It’s not a fluffy feeling, it’s not a fleeting thought… it’s a choice to be unselfish and graceful and forgiving. My marriage, my motherhood, and my friendships have their ups and downs and things aren’t always sparkles and rainbows, but I want to CHOOSE to love my hubby, my friends and my kids through all of the trials we might face. I often need a reminder of how I need to choose to love, so I’ve created this pretty, floral artwork in honour of LOVE and in preparation of Valentine’s Day coming soon. Would you like this artwork, too? I’ve created a free printable artwork download just for you, along with free downloadable desktop wallpaper and free iPhone / smart phone wallpaper. Hooray for love!Continue reading

Cozy Christmas Fireplace at Night
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Merry Christmas to You & Our Cozy Holiday Plans

More than ever, I’m looking forward to our Christmas break this year. 2016 was full of amazing opportunities and precious memories, but I’m admittedly exhausted and ready to rest with my dear family. This will be my last blog post of 2016, and I thought I’d take the chance to share with you our family’s plans for a cozy, restful holiday and some of our family photos from this year!Continue reading

Family Friendly New Years Party Ideas
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Family Friendly New Years Party Ideas

New Year’s Day is an extra special day for our family. Not only do we celebrate the dawn of a fresh, new year, but January 1st is also the day that my oldest daughter was born. In fact, she was born shortly after the clock struck midnight – 12:22 am! Because of this, we party extra hard for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. And by “party hard”, I mean we eat all of our favourite snacks, do our favourite count-down, don our party hats, and decorate our home with as much glitter and sparkle as we possibly can! Let me share with you some family friendly New Year’s party ideas that will make it easy and fun for you and your kids to celebrate the new year.Continue reading

Checklist for Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays
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Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays: A Checklist (+ Enter to Win $500 from Esurance!)

Christmas time can be a little chaotic, a little messy, and the addition of new toys and other gifts might make your home feel extra cluttered. Having a concrete post-holiday cleaning and organizing strategy can help make the holidays feel less messy and more relaxing! This coming year, I’m determined to do a better job at cleaning and organizing my home. I’m notoriously bad at it, but I know that a tidy home helps me (and my family!) feel less stressed. I like to use lists to keep me on track – if I don’t write down a task, it never happens! – so today I’m sharing with you my post-holiday cleaning and organizing checklist with the hope that it will help some of you, too. Once you’ve found some tips for cleaning and organizing your home after Christmas, make sure to head down to the bottom of this post to enter to win $500 from Esurance to continue decorating and organizing your home to your heart’s content!Continue reading

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2016 Christmas Home Tour: Updated Traditional Decor in Greens, Blues and Pinks

It’s here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The Christmas season is upon us, my kids are SO excited, and I’m finished decking our halls for the season. Please come in! Let me show you around and how I’ve done a simple, country Christmas in greens, blues and pinks this year.

I’m thrilled to be hosting the Canadian Bloggers Home Tour this week for Christmas. Please make sure to visit all of the 28 other beautiful home tours featured this week. You can find all of the links at the bottom of this post. You’ll be sure to find so much holiday decor inspiration no matter your style!

Continue reading

A flocked fairy tale Christmas tree
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A White, Pink & Metallic Flocked Fairy Tale Christmas Tree in the Bedroom

Have you ever wondered how to make your Christmas tree look extra snowy and magical? Are you wondering how to make it look like a designer put it together? This week, I had the chance to transform Little C’s bedroom into a Christmas fairy tale wonderland. A magical, snowy Christmas tree is the highlight of the room, and today I’m showing you how I made it look extra special and giving you some simple tips on how to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree.Continue reading

Rustic Glam Kid Friendly Christmas Tree Idea
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A Rustic Glam Kid Friendly Christmas Tree + Unique Holiday Crafts

I’ve always loved Christmas trees. My mom has at least one photo of me staring lovingly at our lit Christmas tree when I was little. There’s something so beautiful, romantic and peaceful about Christmas trees, and I’m so excited to be decorating a whole bunch of them this year as I keep the tradition alive with my own three daughters!

We usually only have one tree, but this year I’m thrilled to be able to decorate FIVE! There were be 2 at the Homes for the Holidays home I decorated last month, and 3 in our own home. I think our first tree is the most meaningful, though, because it’s in our main living room and it’s the one that the kids are helping me with. With the help of Lee Valley, let me share with you our simple, rustic glam kid-friendly Christmas tree plus some fun & unique kids’ crafts to go along with it!Continue reading

Aqua Blue, Teal & Green Farmhouse Christmas Table & Hutch Decoration Ideas
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Our Aqua & Green Christmas Table and Hutch

Our kitchen is usually a noisy, sticky mess (and why shouldn’t it be – we spend so much time here!), but every so often there’s a magical day when I get to clean it so it’s spotless and style it for company. Christmas Day will be one of those days. We have the honour of hosting our extended family’s traditional Christmas dinner this year, and we’ll be serving it on our kitchen table which will be decorated in greens and aquas. Let me show you what our Christmas table decor looks like this year, and give you ideas on how you can decorate your own Christmas table and hutch!Continue reading