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Huggies Little Movers Plus at Costco
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My 5 Favourite Nursery Essentials

It’s amazing how differently I feel about “nursery essentials” now with baby number 3 compared to when I had my first baby. There are some things that a new mama thinks she absolutely needs in baby’s nursery the first time around, and by the time baby 2 and baby 3 come around you realize that there are only a few things that a baby truly needs in their bedroom to feel comfy. Today I wanted to share with you my 5 most favourite nursery essentials that I’ve loved having for all of my baby girls.Continue reading

WeeStock 2014 Indie & Boutique Baby Show in Edmonton Area
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Shopping Local & Handmade for Baby (+ Win Tickets to WeeStock – Ends 10/06)

Ever since I had Little C almost 6 years ago, I caught the Handmade Baby Stuff Bug. There is something beautiful and special about making things with love for your littles. Handmade baby products are more unique than mass produced ones, and they’re often higher quality so that they can be passed down as sentimental heirlooms.

If you’re not a crafty maven or don’t have the time to make things for your new little one, there are so many talented mammas and artisans that can make special things for you. And do you know what else is wonderful? If you buy handmade and locally made things, you’re supporting moms and families like yourself! I love that thought.Continue reading

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9 Favourite DIY Mom Tutorials (From 2009-2014)

We’re celebrating 5 years of The DIY Mommy this month! Have you entered my celebratory giveaway yet worth over $500? Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share with you some of the most popular tutorials on over the last five years. Let’s talk about my most read tutorials for moms/women. Here are the most visited mom tutorials from 2009 to today:Continue reading

Sew an easy summer dress with pre-shirred fabric.
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Sew the Easiest Shirred Summer Dress Ever

In the spring and summer, I like to wear dresses. I like to wear them A LOT. There’s something to be said about throwing on something that’s just one piece and lightweight and breezy… ahhhh. Plus, if I find just the right dress I can even wear it when I’m nursing Baby B! I made this sweet, floral shirred dress in less than 20 minutes. No joke! There’s a secret, though: I used pre-shirred fabric. It was such an incredibly fast and fulfilling project – perfect for a busy mom.
Continue reading

How to sew super absorbent DIY nursing pads that actually work! There's a special fabric inner layer.
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Sew Super Absorbent Nursing Pads

With Baby Three coming in three weeks (or less?!), I’m in full prep mode. I still have a relatively long list of things I’d love to make for her, but I’m at least trying to get the essentials finished before she arrives. One of those essentials? Handmade, reusable nursing pads that are SUPER absorbent! I’ve used many kinds of nursing pads in the past from disposable to purchased cotton flannel ones, but I wanted to make some that were the best combination of the ones I’ve tried. I think these will definitely fit the bill!Continue reading