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How to Ice Rose Cupcakes - Video
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How to Ice Cupcakes – Tip Tuesday

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Give your loved ones an extra squeeze today, and let them know how much they mean to you. I thought it would be fitting to share my absolute favourite way to ice cupcakes just in case you wanted to bake a special treat this week. Whether you try the classic or the rose design, this method of icing cupcakes always makes them look extra fancy!

How to Ice Rose Cupcakes - Video

Watch this short video below to learn my favourite method of icing cupcakes:

Have a lovely day, my friends!

How to caulk trim before painting
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How to Caulk Trim Before Painting – Tip Tuesday

Caulking trim before you paint it is one of those semi-boring jobs, but I can guarantee you that caulking the holes and cracks in your trim before you paint your walls will make a HUGE difference in the finished look of your paint job!¬†Filling in the seams between your baseboard, casing and walls, and filling nail holes will make your finished, painted room look so smooth and professional. Here are some caulking tricks that I’ve learned over the years as I’ve painted many rooms in our home and others.Continue reading

Hot chocolate station from a caddy
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Make a Hot Chocolate Station from a Caddy – Tip Tuesday

This past weekend was SO fun! I got to decorate the most gorgeous 105 year old home for Homes for the Holidays in Edmonton, and it was a big success. I received the most amazing feedback, and I had so much fun styling and decorating the home with the help of my family. You can see some shots from the home over on my Instagram feed. The question I got asked the most from people that toured the home was, “WHERE did you get that hot chocolate station caddy?!” I never would have guessed this little tray would be so popular, so I thought I should share with you some of the details of this hot chocolate station caddy through a little Tip Tuesday video today!Continue reading