There are some brief but beautiful moments in life that are hard to forget. One of those moments happened to me recently when I took Little C to Odysseo by Cavalia in Edmonton, a larger-than-life theatrical production. When the first horse galloped across the stage under that magnificent big top tent, Little C’s eyes grew wide and she gasped: “Mama…!” Between her reaction to the show’s opening, the beautiful music and the gorgeous horses, I was a blubbering mess. We continued to have one of my most favourite nights ever together (all the way to 11:00 pm – she stayed awake and excited the whole time)!

Odysseo by Cavalia

We had the pleasure of having the VIP experience at Odysseo by Cavalia and it was such a treat. While Hubby watched the two little girls at home, I whisked Little C away to “The Big City” and told her to look for a giant white tent. When she finally saw it along the road, she was thrilled! It was HUGE and such an amazing sight to see in itself (here’s a time lapse video on how it’s raised – so cool). We were then treated to an incredibly delicious buffet of a variety of hors d’oeuvres, and then we grabbed our popcorn and headed into the big tent.

Cavalia Odysseo Tent

The first act was breathtaking. So was the second, the third, the fourth… I thought Little C would be ready to sneak out during admission, but she definitely was not. She begged to stay, and I happy to oblige! The horses were so well trained and such a sight to see. The dancers and artists were SO incredible! I couldn’t believe some of the stunts they were able to do. Little C clapped and shrieked with joy throughout the entire thing (as did everyone around us, really).

Cavalia Odysseo Review

There were lots of favourite parts for us, but Little C’s favourite act (and mine too), was when a giant merry-go-round (Little C calls them “miracle rides”) descended from the ceiling and was used to dance on and swing from. It was beautiful! One of the most special parts was when we got to go backstage after the show and meet some of the horses, artists, and see the stage from their viewpoint – all part of our VIP experience.

Merry Go Round at Cavalia Odysseo

Image Credit: Shelley Paulson

I’ve been feeling like I really need to drink in every moment I have with Little C this summer since she’s starting kindergarten in September, and Odysseo was definitely a special experience for us both. I don’t think it’s an event that she’ll ever forget, and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw the first horse enter the stage. If you love the arts as much as I do, you’ll love taking your kids to see Odysseo by Cavalia this summer! I’d recommend it as an exciting family outing for kids age 5 and up, or it would also make a spectacular date night. I’m scheming how I can go again with just my hubby!

Cavalia Odysseo

Image Credit: Pascal Ratthé

The producers of Odysseo by Cavalia are proud to announce even more opportunities to experience their larger-than-life theatrical production in Edmonton. Six additional performances have been added to the engagement of the show performed under the White Big Top at Yellowhead Trail and Fort Road in Edmonton.  Matinee and evening shows now scheduled through August 24!

Cavalia, seen by some 4 million people across North America and Europe since its 2003 debut, celebrates the relationship between humans and horses by loosely recounting the evolution of this bond. Odysseo, which premiered in 2011, takes the next step, leading viewers on a great journey where horses and humans, together, discover some of the planet’s most unforgettable landscapes. Follow Cavalia Inc.’s latest developments at or

You can buy your tickets online here, or at the box office. Psssst! Please use the code SMNYEG to receive 10% off your tickets to Odysseo by Cavalia in Edmonton this month (there’s a great range in prices – $24.50 to $209.50 – so that everyone can enjoy this spectacular show)!

Have you ever seen Cavalia? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cavalia Inc. As always, all of the views and opinions expressed here are my own.