Christmas Decorating Hacks: 7 Easy Ideas for Small Spaces

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You want Christmas decorating ideas for your small space, but you don’t have much room. Here are seven ideas for decorating a small house for Christmas without taking up too much space.

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Decorating a small house for Christmas

I love decorating for the Holidays, and I really enjoy the challenge of decorating a smaller space for Christmas so that it looks festive but not overdone. When decorating our little lake house rental home for Christmas this year, I used these tips to save valuable floor space while adding festive cheer.

Start with a consistent color scheme

A well-thought-out colour scheme for your Holiday decor can help keep your home looking cohesive and beautiful. With multiple color schemes in different rooms, you run the risk of creating a disjointed, and maybe even a haphazard look. If you choose one, two or three colours to repeat throughout your small space, the result will be lovely! In our little lake house rental home, I chose to match the existing decor in the home and used shades of blue, gold and white for the Holidays. Choose ribbon, ornaments, wrapping paper for your gifts, and garlands with a consistent colour scheme and theme.

Use a small format Christmas tree in your home

When decorating a small house for Christmas, you don’t have to use a standard sized Christmas tree. Try something a little smaller like a thin pencil tree, or something non-traditional like a wall hanging in a tree shape or a tabletop tree. Here, I’ve used a pencil tree I found at Michaels. It has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up lots of valuable floor space in this smaller living room. Another benefit of having a smaller tree is that it’s more budget-friendly to decorate. It requires less ornaments, less ribbon, and you can use mini ornaments and picks.

This holiday season, create an easy DIY advent calendar for kids! See how to make a unique day-by-day IKEA hack calendar with crystals inside.

Think about how to use wall space for decor

If you live in a small house or apartment, you probably don’t have much surface space. Try thinking of ways you can decorate your walls for Christmas so that you don’t clutter your counter, tables or other furniture. You could have a DIY advent calendar that hangs on the wall, hang paper snowflakes on the doors or windows, or hang wreaths on your range hood. Command Hooks and strips are your best friend for temporary wall decor! If you don’t have a mantel or fireplace, hanging a greenery garland on the wall with hooks can add some Holiday spirit.

Use smaller scale decor elements like mini wreaths

Think “mini” when it comes to all of your decor elements for the Holiday season. Things like wreaths can be smaller and still make a big impact in your small home. I love the miniature wreaths I’ve found at IKEA this year, and you can embellish them with pinecones, ornaments or picks to make them match your space. When creating a centerpiece for your Holiday table, keep it simple by using a thin evergreen garland across the length of the table. Another idea is to create mini floral arrangements in a small vase at each place setting rather than committing to a larger focal point on the table.

Add lots of lights when decorating your small house for Christmas

To create a larger feeling room, add lots of light to your space through the use of twinkle lights. Small decor items with lights add sparkle to dark corners, and I love the idea of wrapping strings of lights around furniture to give it a festive glow. You can also wrap lights around garlands, through tablescapes, and add extra lights to your Christmas tree. Seasonal candles can also add a beautiful glow to your home.

Decorate utility areas with practical items

Even entries can benefit from a little Holiday cheer. Consider adding small and/or practical festive items to your entryway like hanging skates, furry winter boots, or festive throw pillows. You can also hang a small wreath on your door or hook wall for a simple Christmas look. I love the charm of a small entry decorated for the Holiday season. It’s a lovely way to welcome your guests!

Keep your overall decor simple in your small home

Finally, keep in mind that your Christmas decor doesn’t have to be over the top! A few festive elements can make a huge difference in how your smaller home looks and feels. In our little lake house, I added a small Christmas tree, a tablescape, some hanging Christmas wreaths and some lights, and I love the subtle look for the Holidays.

Watch my video to learn some hacks when decorating a small house for Christmas:

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You want Christmas decorating ideas for your small space, but you don't have much room. Here are seven ideas for decorating a small house for Christmas without taking up too much space.

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