Christmas Decorating Ideas: Reuse these timeless items year after year!

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You don’t have to buy everything new for Christmas decorating. The items you use year after year can be your main Holiday decor base, and then you can mix in inexpensive trendy accents if you want a fresh look.

Today’s question for the podcast:

Do you have a new theme every Christmas? How do you incorporate new trends?

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How do I make my house look festive on a budget?

As much as I love trying out new themes and Christmas decor trends each year, I also love saving money. One way to do this while still playing with decor themes is to invest in a neutral base of Christmas decorations that you can use year after year. These items are some I find myself reusing each Holiday season, and they’re classics that should stand the test of time.

Our Christmas dining room from last year with my favourite faux garland from Michaels

Realistic looking faux greenery garlands

I’ve been using my faux pine and cedar Christmas garlands for years and years, and I can always find a way to make them look different each time with ornaments, picks or ribbon. Garland look lovely on stair railings, around doorways, or draped on a fireplace mantel in your living room. A garland that includes white berries or pinecones should also be a classic look for years.

How to Create an Inexpensive Hot Chocolate Station for Christmas
Battery operated lights on a copper wire add sparkle to our coffee station for our Holiday guests and for my kids

Strands of fairy / twinkle lights

A nice long strand of battery operated fairy lights can be used for multiple purposes in Holiday decor. I like to wrap mine around garlands, wreaths, table centerpieces, or display them in Christmas cloches. Whether your a kid or an adult – Christmas lights always bring a bit of magic to a room!

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY Christmas countdown calendar with dollar store supplies
This DIY Christmas calendar in gold and white always matches my Holiday decor

White and gold coloured decor

I’ve never regretted buying anything Christmas related that was either white or gold in colour. Those two colours seem to go with every single Christmas theme I’ve done over the years. Items to look for in gold and/or white:

  • candlesticks
  • dishware
  • flatware
  • stockings
  • candles
  • ribbon
  • throw pillows
Rustic Boho Glam Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
Our boho glam Christmas tree from a few years ago

A really good faux Christmas tree

A realistic looking Christmas tree – whether it’s flocked or natural looking – is a great investment to save money year after year. I like the ones with a mix of PVC & PE type branches for a more realistic look. If you can find one with a minimum of 1000 lights (for a 7.5 foot tall tree) and 2000 branch tips, those look stunning.

Traditional Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
My mom’s Christmasy primary bedroom

Faux fur textiles like blankets and pillows

Not only can furry accents be used from Fall until Spring, but they add such a lovely, cozy look to your home. Look for sheepskin rugs, faux fur pillows and a faux fur blanket or two. You can also DIY them! Click here to learn how to make a faux fur blanket.

Natural elements like pine cones & orange slices

Nothing’s more timeless than bringing nature inside during Christmas. I love the look and texture of pine cones at Christmas, and drying citrus slices is an easy and inexpensive craft to try. Click here to learn how to bring some simple holiday cheer into your home by drying orange slices at home. You can add them to a wreath for your front door, as a cake topper, in homemade potpourri, and so much more.

Christmas tree with turquoise and red plaid ribbon, flocked branches, pink velvet ribbon, and greenery picks

How can I decorate my house in a fresh way for Christmas this year?

Now, If you want to play with this year’s Christmas decorating trends or try something new for the sake of a fresh look here’s how you can do it:

  1. Use your timeless base of Christmas decorations for your first layer of decor.
  2. Add in inexpensive elements to add a pop of colour or a unique style for the year. Pieces that I find can make my Christmas decor look totally unique are:
    1. Ribbon (try a new colour or pattern and put it in your tree, on your table, or in bows on your stockings)
    2. Christmas Ornaments (not only can you quickly change the look of your tree with different colours of ornaments, but you can use them to decorate your table or garlands)
    3. Throw pillows & throw blankets (DIY these for a custom look on a budget)
    4. Gift wrap (wrapping paper is inexpensive and can add a ton of colour and pattern to your space, plus gift wrapping is something you’ll do anyhow!)
Aqua Blue, Teal & Green Farmhouse Christmas Table & Hutch Decoration Ideas

What Christmas decorations are trending this year?

The nice thing about Christmas decorating this way is that your “trending” elements like ribbon and ornaments can be purchased inexpensively. Look for these items at a dollar store, thrift store, or use your DIY skills and paint to update old items into a fresh, new look. Use your creativity to sprinkle these smaller items throughout your base layer of more neutral decorations.

Trends that I’m loving for Christmas 2021 include:

This week’s challenge:

This week, I challenge you make a plan for your decor this Christmas (or for the next holiday you’re celebrating). Then, make a list of decor basics from your stash you can use this year and for years to come. What can you reuse this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy DIYing!

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Learn how to create a base of timeless Christmas decor items you can use year after year, and how to add elements to freshen the look.

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  1. So many great tips, it’s hard to know where to even start! I just got my floors refinished in preparation for the holidays, so my decor budget is definitely lower than past years. But you gave me hope I can still create a new look with stuff I already have, thanks for the inspo!

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