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Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Last week (and just in time for the big day!) my parents did a ton of finishing work on their beautiful cottage style kitchen in their lake house, and I want to share that progress with you today. I thought it would be the perfect time to reveal how their new Maytag appliances from The Brick look in this space because Boxing Day is a great day to go shopping for deals on big ticket items like this!

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

The kitchen is really close to done, and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous so far. You might remember the mood board I shared with you a couple of weeks ago? It’s all really coming together. Come take a peek!

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

Isn’t it so timeless?! I’m in love! My parents chose to keep the main elements of their kitchen classic and neutral with the white cabinets, marble-look laminate counters and stainless steel appliances.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

Can we talk about these beautiful kitchen appliances?! This Maytag stainless steel fridge, dishwasher and gas range are all from The Brick and they are the first matching set of appliances my parents have ever owned. My mom & dad are over the MOON with how lovely these look in their new kitchen, and my mom is especially excited to start cooking on the gas range. And look at the size of that oven!

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

Mom’s taught me everything I know about baking, and she’s really good at it. I’m sure this oven will be put to work as soon as my parents move in to their new lake house. Not only are these appliances a really great value for their price, but they’re backed by The Brick’s exclusive Maytag 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Make sure to check out your local Brick store today in person or online to see their Boxing Day deals on appliances – they always have great sales today!

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

The cabinet doors were discontinued birch wood doors, so they got them at a great price. Then, my mom learned how to use a spray gun and painted them a beautiful, neutral white (Ultra White by BEHR). A sprayed top coat of Varathane Diamond Wood Finish will help keep the cabinets chip-free and easy to clean. The cabinet hardware is a brushed nickel to keep everything light, bright and neutral and to bring out the colour of the stainless steel appliances.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

Other elements that I love in this kitchen is the farmhouse sink, the simple fixture, and the custom crown moulding.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

My parents also designed and built a beautiful, custom range hood cover to match the rest of the cabinets and give the space a cottage vibe.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

I really love how the appliances have an almost industrial vibe that keeps this space looking clean and modern.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

I had a lot of fun staging their kitchen a little for this photo shoot even though my parents aren’t quite moved in yet. This flower arrangement is a DIY from grocery store flowers and produce.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

Turquoise, copper and warm wood accents help give this white kitchen a little bit of warmth and sparkle.

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

This Masonite craftsman styled pocket door in the corner of the kitchen leads to an oversized pantry, and I can’t wait to share that space with you when it’s done!

Lake House White Cottage Kitchen Design

What do you think of the kitchen so far? I think it’s so beautiful!

Soon, we’re going to add an island to the center of this room in a contrasting colour, so my question to you is:

What colour should the island be?

Thanks for taking a tour of my parents’ kitchen so far, and enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. 


  1. I absolutely love the kitchen. It is so bright and spacious.It would be my dream kitchen if I didn’t have two little rascals making a mess:) We are in the process of gathering ideas for renovating our house so it was lovely to see your post with pictures. I would probably put an island with a marine green.

    1. Hello Jessica,
      IKEA sent Christina parents directly to their fabricator, PF Custom Countertops in Edmonton. They were wonderful to work with. They had the countertops in just over a week. Also were able to provide custom sizes that no box store could offer. The laminate is Formica 180fx Calacatta Marble in the Etchings finish. The Formica # is3460-46. The edge is the eased edge that PF Countertops offer

  2. Hi,
    Found your blog and I love it. I already have some great ideas from you, thank you !!!! I am loving this post about the lake house kitchen. The island should def be a contrasting color for sure, I am thinking it should be a good balance of a bluish greenish to match the lake. And just my suggestion/opinion I think the walls behind the stove and sink should have some tile.

    Looking forward for the next posting,

    1. Thank you Tammy for stopping by! Christina is so glad that you are enjoying her blog. She’s getting really excited to show the island! Love your tips 🙂

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