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Closet design ideas and organization can be such a challenge! These are spaces we all use multiple times a day, and if we aren’t careful they can really get away from us.  In this roundup post, I’ve collected ideas for radical closet reconstruction, some simple organization tips and hacks, and even some ideas for how to create closet space out of nothing. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your kids’ closets, entryway closets, or how to create a fun and functional mudroom area, I’ve got you covered.

5 Quick Kids’ Closet Design Ideas to start the school year off strong!

Kids’ closet organization can be such a headache. But before you get to the fun and satisfying part of rethinking storage solutions, planning shelving installation, and dreaming about new drawers, hooks, and baskets, I recommend you do the hard work first. Take absolutely everything out of the closet and purge what is no longer loved or needed. Put aside some time with your child so that you can go through each item together and decide if it needs to be donated, recycled/trashed, or kept. My daughter and I found many things in her closet that she hadn’t even touched for years! After going through everything, she had so much more room. 

Once you’re done this part, check out these 5 quick closet organization ideas that will help make your child’s closet more functional and organized for the new school year ahead! Whether you’re looking for IKEA hacks, labeling ideas, basket inspiration, or just some good closet advice, this post has what you’re looking for. Kids’ closets are so much more than just hampers and hangers and this post will show you how to create a functional and peaceful space they will be proud to keep tidy.

A closet design idea for kids


DIY IKEA Closet Makeover Before & After

Our small walk-in closet was in dire need of some re-organization and an aesthetic upgrade! When we first designed it, we had just spent so much money building the entire house that we went with cheaper options like wire baskets and a narrow set of Pax units on the inside ends of the space. Everything always looked messy and unorganized. Since we see our closet from our bed, I wanted a more eye-pleasing look. 

This time I was able to create my dream closet, and I’m so happy with the result. Visit the full post for a video tutorial and a source list of all the IKEA products we used to make this closet a reality! 

Before and after of a small walk-in closet transformed with DIY IKEA Pax units

DIY Industrial Closet Makeover on a Budget

Are you tired of your plain and boring standard wire shelving in your walk-in closet? Then I have a DIY before and after project that you must see! I transformed a basic walk-in closet into a stylish modern industrial storage space with some inexpensive building supplies, paint & stain, plumbing pipes for hanging rods, and some fun accents. Learn how to build simple shelves and industrial style iron pipe rods in this DIY closet makeover on a budget! And see how I finished it with a beautiful DIY dresser and fun accessory hooks for jewelry, scarves, and ties.

DIY Industrial Closet Makeover on a Budget

Kids Closet Design Ideas (+ Free Cricut File for Dresser Labels!)

Isn’t purging the contents of a closet, starting fresh, and getting it looking clean and organized again just the BEST feeling? I get so much joy sorting out clothes the kids don’t wear anymore and deciding what to donate or toss. Once you know what you’re keeping, follow these tips on how to keep it organized this time!

With these tips I’ve included a FREE Cricut project file so you can print off some adorable dresser labels. These gold vinyl decals help kids put away their clothes and get dressed themselves! They also help them choose an outfit for the day quickly and easily. If you have an older child that reads, you could also simply use the words for each item. Then you could include sweaters, belts, makeup, whatever is needed most! 

Kids Closet Design Ideas with free Cricut file for dresser labels

How I Organize My Entryway – Ideas for Quick & Easy Organization

I have a fairly small entryway at both my front and back doors, but I decided that just because a house is short on storage space and has small closets, that doesn’t mean I can’t be organized! Through a few budget-friendly additions and some simple hacks, I’ve been able to improve the function of our small entries. Here are some of my favourite entry organization ideas, from furniture hacks to boot trays and shoe racks (shoe storage is a must-have!), where to store your scarves and purses, small item storage, and more! My Youtube video explanation has it all. And if you’re just dying for more details on how this entryway came to be you can read all about it here.

Small Entryway Makeover organized closet with baskets and shoe rack

When is a Closet Not a Closet?

What to do if you don’t actually have a closet? Read on for some creative not-a-closet design ideas!

Using a Cabinet as a Room Divider and Entryway Closet

If you live in a smaller home, you’ll know that having a lot of storage options is really important. This is especially true in entryways where things tend to get dropped off and piled up. Having a good entry storage closet system in place is always helpful! But what do you do if you don’t have a closet or even a wall near your entry? Let me share with you one closet design idea that we used to tackle this problem in our guest cottage. We used a floating cabinet to create a walled-in effect by the door. It works perfectly as a custom closet for all our guests’ needs. 

Use a storage or coat cabinet as a room divider to create an entry - black, white and wood farmhouse cottage entryway

Before & After: A tiny mudroom gets a cheerful makeover!

Sometimes, there isn’t room for a proper closet space even when there is need for it. What do you do then? This was the situation we faced with our lake house and its tiny little mudroom/entryway. It’s a very narrow space with a funny layout, but it has to function well for our guests. Not only is it a place for people to store their jackets and shoes, but it also has a laundry area and a utility closet. I figured out how to transform it into a functional, beautiful space! Hooks, baskets, a bench, and open shelves really make this space pop and live up to its potential.  

I hope you found some closet design ideas in one of these posts for bringing order out of chaos. After all, a closet organizer’s work is never done. Seeing pictures of my closets’ best days makes me want to go and do it all over again! Happy organizing everyone!

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