Collect Moments, Not Things
While this Fall season has been a busy one for us, it’s also been a time of enjoying each moment as it comes. We haven’t been buying as much stuff  this month since taking part in the Interac® 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge, but I’ve definitely felt rich. We’ve been enjoying just being outside together, walking around, and taking in autumn in all its glory. We’ve harvested our little garden together as a family. We’ve played dollhouse, had family dinners, and worked on projects that needed to be done on our home before winter hits. DSC_0187SML

None of these things involved spending a ton of money. As my daughters grow, I’m realizing more and more how precious each day is that I spend with them. They won’t remember the toys I buy them or drawers full of clothes, but they will remember the special moments we share together. I know those are the fond memories of my own childhood – spending time with my siblings outside exploring, and the little daily things like eating suppers together.

It’s no secret that I enjoy designing and decorating our home and doing crafts, but I need to remember why I’m doing these things. Filling our home with sweet moments is more important than filling it with decorations. Teaching my children and spending time with my daughters while doing crafts is more important than making the “perfect” DIY.


Adhering to a tight budget of money we actually have this month has reminded me once again that we need to collect moments, not things. The stuff we buy will break, get lost, or be passed on to someone else. The moments I spend with my family and friends are precious, fleeting, and they’ll be treasured for a long time to come. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Interac 21 Day Credit-Free Challenge has been a great experience. It’s reminded us that we need to be mindful of our budget and stick with it. It’s allowed me to focus on moments, not things. It’s also stirred up more creativity in me as I came up with different ways to save money while enjoying the season with my family. Thanks for the ride, Interac Debit!

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