Remember last year’s Handmade Christmas challenge? Well, I’m ready to do it again and I hope you’ll join me! Handmade gifts hold so much meaning to me and they’re far more unique than mass-produced things. The best part is that you really don’t have to make everything yourself – with sites like Etsy and local shows like WeeStock, you can buy things that other lovely folks have made!

Commit to A Handmade Christmas This Year with The DIY Mommy

Here’s the mission statement I’m making for myself this Christmas season. If these sound like things you’d also like to commit to, I’d invite you to join me this year on A Handmade Christmas journey. I’ll be posting some fun Christmas gift tutorials and links to other gift idea tutorials in this blog series that I hope you’ll find useful.

Mission: I will give mostly handmade DIY gifts to all of my family and friends this year. These gifts will be either made by me or handmade by someone else.

(I’ve already pushed my own rules by buying my girls a huge wooden dollhouse for Christmas, BUT I plan to make some fun handmade things for inside!)

Want to join me? Accept the “A Handmade Christmas” Challenge 2013 by commenting below and telling me what you’re planning to make or buy this year!