Are you a stay at home mom or do you work from home? Like me, do you find it hard to get out of your pajamas when you’re at home? This challenge and these pajama alternative outfit ideas are for you!

Petite Curvy Mom Style - casual outfit

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Most of my blog posts are well thought out and worked on several days – or even months! – in advance. Some, however, are random and spur-of-the-moment. This is one of those. I just had this idea yesterday, I shared it on Instagram, and I had lots of positive feedback. Since this seemed to be something you can relate to, I thought I’d make it “official” and share it here on my blog.

Are you a stay-at-home mom like me? Or do you work at home? Or do you do both? If you’re like me, you might be giving up a little on fashion and beauty. It doesn’t really seam worthwhile to put on “real” clothes when you’re at home most of the time, or do your hair. For the month of March, I thought it would be fun to combat the feelings of sluggishness, the lack of inspiration, and the BLAHness of Winter with a #NoJammiesMarch challenge. What is it? Instead of staying in my pajamas like I do many days of the week, I’m going to find a comfy and cute alternative to wear and spend the few extra minutes I need FOR MYSELF to take the time to get dressed and do my hair. Sound silly? It ¬†might be, but to be honest it’s HARD to find that time, and I feel like I need to beat the Winter blues by doing this one small thing.

You can join me on Instagram and share your cute mama-at-home outfits by using the hashtag #NoJammiesMarch. Don’t want to participate? No worries! I’ll be sharing my own ideas there and in my Instagram Stories with the hope that they’ll give all of us mamas some ideas and inspiration.

To kick off the challenge, here are some pajama clothing alternatives I’ve found that are just as comfy as PJ’s, but a whole lot more stylish.

comfy pajama alternatives for day - petite curvy mom style

Clockwise from the top left, these are:

Happy dressing, mamas!

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