Here is a round up of my favourite DIY Printable Gift wrap, Printable Gift Tags and unique gift wrapping ideas! 

Free Printable Merry & Bright Christmas Wrapping Paper

Download this free printable wrapping paper for Christmas featuring “Merry & Bright” in a beautiful script font. Because it’s in black and white, this free, festive wrapping paper will match almost any decor this holiday season! This file is huge – it measures a full 24″ x 36″ – so you can send it to your favourite print shop to print as a black & white “engineering print”, or you can choose to resize it and print it on a smaller sheet of paper if you have smaller presents to wrap.

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DIY Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

DIY Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

Do you have any funny-shaped gifts that need to be wrapped this Christmas? Or are you planning to send your neighbors some cookies and need a cute way to package them? This simple DIY gift bag out of wrapping paper is really easy to make, and you can use your favourite wrapping paper!

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How To Wrap a Gift with a Blanket Scarf

Another unique gift wrapping idea, is to wrap a gift box with a blanket scarf. This way, you’re not only giving a beautiful gift , but you’re also giving a lovely scarf for the season! You can make your own blanket scarf easily by using this method, or you can purchase one. Fold your blanket scarf into quarters, and lay your box of gifts on top. Then, carefully bring the scarf up and over the box, and gather it together on the top. Tie the top with a pipe cleaner, and finish off the gift with a ribbon and a gift tag.

Shabby Chic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Shabby Chic Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas - Vintage inspired, pink, kraft, white linen, sparkly DIY gifts

I’m a sucker for romance and romantic looking home decor and crafts. There’s just something about lacey, flowery things that I just love! Another one of my favourite things? Christmas. So why not combine romance with Christmas? Let me show you some romantic, shabby chic inspired ways you can wrap your Christmas presents this year.

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How To Make The Perfect Bow

How to make the perfect DIY bow for Christmas gift wrapping idea

To make a full-looking bow, find a spool of wired ribbon. Then, wrap a length of ribbon around the box, cut it to fit, and tape it to the bottom of the box. To make the bow, loop some of the ribbon back and forth while pinching it in the middle. Secure the middle by tying it with a pipe cleaner, and then fluff the loops and trim the ends. You can see exactly how I do this by watching this video.

DIY Beeswax Wraps

Step-by-step and video tutorial on how to make beeswax wraps

These eco-friendly food wraps are made from beeswax, cotton fabric and jojoba oil. They would work well to wrap up a book or small item – two gifts in one!

Gift Tags

No gift is complete without a super cute gift tag!

Free Vintage Rustic Christmas Gift Tags

These sweet, vintage rustic Christmas gift tags are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! The best part? They’re free to download as a gift from me to you this year! Enjoy printing them out, and tying them with ribbon onto your gifts.

Free Turquoise and Green Gift Tags

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Free Black & Gold Gift Tags

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Looking for some inspiration for your Handmade Christmas Gifts this year? Check out my DIY Handmade Christmas Gifts Page!

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This is a round up of DIY Printable Gift Wrapping, printable tags and unique gift wrapping ideas. The perfect finish for your handmade christmas gifts!