We’re finishing my parents’ lake house master bathroom for the Spring One Room Challenge! Come see how my parents are making some DIY board & batten and a custom vanity shelf for their space.

It’s One Room Challenge time again! This time, my parents are finishing up their beautiful lake house master bathroom over the course of the six weeks! I’ll be sharing our progress along the way, and on May 9th make sure to stay tuned for the final reveal of the room. Have you seen my parents’ beautiful lake house? You can read all about it right here.

On week one, I introduced the space to you and shared the Classic Cottage Master Bathroom design plans and mood board.

Last week, I shared an update on how the bathroom is looking so far and how my parents are creating a vanity from Ikea kitchen cabinets.

Today I’m sharing how my parents have made some DIY board and batten and custom shelving for their space.

Here’s how their master bathroom is looking this week:

I can tell already that it’s going to be gorgeous; can’t you?!

My mom made these DIY batten strips by ripping 1/4″ thick MDF down to the width she wanted and nailed them to the wall with a pin nailer. The thin profile makes this style of batten look subtle and elegant.

Mom will be painting everything white, so the texture of the batten will add the perfect amount of interest to this spa-like space.

Also with MDF, Mom & Dad designed and created a shelving unit to go between their vanity sinks. This will also be white and function beautifully as storage.

The sinks and beautiful faucets have also been installed, and Mom and Dad made some custom trim to go around the entire vanity top. I love the edge!

My parents also trimmed the window, and are working on painting the cabinet doors. I think the whole thing’s coming along beautifully and I can’t wait to keep sharing the process with you!

Now tell me: What do you think of the bathroom so far? What colour would YOU paint the cabinet doors?

Make sure to follow along here on the blog every week as I share the progress of the space, and make sure to visit the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge link-up to see what all of the other designers & guest participants are doing this season! I love getting inspiration from everyone as they work on their spaces over the course of the six weeks.

See you soon!