DIY Dollar Tree Heart Shaped Wreath

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Looking for a sweet DIY wreath idea for Valentine’s Day (or any day)? This DIY Dollar Tree heart shaped wreath is a cinch to make, and it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is! Let me show you how to make it.

DIY Dollar Tree Heart Shaped Wreath

I love romantic, floral wreaths like this one, however they can be extremely expensive to buy. This heart-shaped floral wreath uses all Dollar Tree supplies, so you can make it for only around $15!

Start with this heart shaped 12″ wire wreath form from Dollar Tree. Use some side cutters or tin snips to remove the two inner heart pieces so only the outer/large heart shape remains.

Next, apply a generous amount of hot glue onto the bottom right of the wire wreath form.

Bend one lavender & lamb’s ear faux floral pick (also from Dollar Tree!) into the shape of the wreath form, and push it onto the hot glue. Hold it in place until the glue cools and sets.

Now, add more hot glue onto the stem of that pick and continuing up the right hand side of the wire wreath form. Bend & push another faux floral stem into the glue, layering it over the previous pick. Continue until you’ve covered the entire right side of the wire wreath form, minus about 2-3 inches at the top. You can bend the last stem into the V-shape at the top of the heart.

Starting at the bottom left of the heart wreath form, glue floral picks onto it in exactly the same way. Finally, take some Dollar Tree jute rope and wrap it around the top center v-shape of the heart. Use hot glue to tack it at the beginning and the end to keep it in place.

Your DIY Dollar Tree heart shaped wreath is all done! Hang it on your door, or you can hang it off of an art rail like I did here:

(P.S. Here’s how I made my DIY art rail system with an IKEA item!)

This sweet wreath is the perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day, Spring, or truly any time of the year. I’m so happy with how mine turned out!

Now tell me: Would you make this Dollar Tree wreath?! How would you customize it to match your home?


  1. This wreath is gorgeous, it looks like it comes from a florist. My favorite part is the florals you chose, with those colors it can hang most of the year instead of just Valentine’s day.

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