DIY Pressed Flower Ideas for Spring

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Do you love crafting with flowers as much as I do? If so, these DIY pressed flower ideas for Spring are a must-try! I’m sharing a simple DIY candle craft, how to make pressed floral bookmarks, and a beautiful pressed flower coaster idea.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

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I purchased a few packs of pressed flowers from Amazon, and I was so inspired to make a few easy DIYs with them for Spring!

Here are the pressed floral kits I used:

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

DIY Pressed Flower Bookmark

This first craft is so easy! You can buy the Amazon pressed flower kit that includes wooden bookmark blanks and clear plastic stickers, and create an adorable bookmark in a snap.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

Simply lay the pressed flowers on the wooden bookmark blank in a pattern you love, place the clear sticker sheet over top, press it to seal, and trim off any excess.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

I also made a version with Mod Podge: apply a thin layer of Mod Podge with a foam brush to the wooden bookmark blank, press some pressed flowers firmly into the Mod Podge in your desired pattern, and let the bookmark dry. After the Mod Podge has dried, carefully brush on a final coat of Mod Podge to seal the flowers.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

DIY Pressed Flower Resin Coaster

I need to practice more with resin because my coaster is a little bubbly, but next time I’m going to try letting these coasters set in a warmer room!

To make some gorgeous DIY resin pressed flower coasters, grab this epoxy resin kit from Amazon and these silicone round molds. Follow the directions on the packaging to mix together the resin, and then pour it into 3 of the round molds so that they are filled about half way.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

Using tweezers or gloved fingers, place some pressed flowers in a design you like onto the resin. Let this first layer harden a little, and then pour a final layer of resin over the flowers. Let the coasters harden completely before lifting them out of the molds.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

DIY Pressed Flower Candle

This final DIY would make a great gift! Take a magnetic, window-lidded container from Dollar Tree, and paint the metal with chalk paint. I used a lovely lavender colour for a Springy look. Melt some soy wax, beeswax or an old candle in a double boiler on the stove, place a candle wick on the bottom inside center of the container, and then pour the melted wax to fill the container.

Pressed Flower DIY Ideas

While the candle is cooling, coat the clear section of the container lid with Mod Podge. Affix pressed flowers to the Mod Podge with your finger or tweezers. When dry, apply a final layer of Mod Podge to seal the flowers.

Watch my YouTube video to get these + more floral DIY ideas for Spring decorating:

Now tell me: Which of these DIY pressed flower projects would YOU love to make?

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